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  • Trivia

    • Dick co-starred in seven films with Ruby Keeler, including:

      42nd Street (1933)
      Gold Diggers Of 1933 (1933)
      Footlight Parade (1933)
      Dames (1934)
      Flirtation Walk (1934)
      Shipmates Forever (1935)
      Colleen (1936)

    • Dick's son, Dick Powell Jr., portrayed his father in Day Of The Locust (1975).

    • Dick's estate was estimated at $10,000,000 at the time of his death.

    • Dick directed five films, including: The

      Split Second (1953)
      You Can't Run Away from It (1956)
      The Conqueror (1956)
      The Enemy Below (1957)
      Hunters (1958)

    • Dick wanted to play Walter Naff in Double Indemnity (1944) but had to turn the role down due to previous commitments.

    • Dick appeared with then-wife Joan Blondell in a magazine advertisement for Wrigley's Gum in 1939.

    • Dick sang on a number of records on the Vocalion label in the late 1920s.

    • Dick was married 3 times, to Mildred Maund from 1925 to 1927, to Joan Blondell from 1936 to 1944, and to June Allyson, from 1945 until his death.

    • Dick did a radio show, "Richard Diamond, Private Detective," from 1949-1995 on NBC.

    • Dick produced several unsold pilots for a proposed NBC dramatic series, "The Robert Taylor Show", in 1961.

    • Dick was nominated for the Golden Laurel for Best Director in 1960. He came in 10th place, behind other more prominent directors such as Hitchcock and Kubrick.

    • Dick has a Television star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame at 6743 Hollywood Boulevard.

    • Dick has a Motion Picture star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard.

    • Dick died on the same day and of the same cause as fellow actor Jack Carson.

    • Dick was 6 feet tall.

    • Both of Dick's brothers were born in October, even though they were 7 years apart, with Howard born in 1899 and Luther in 1906.

    • Dick contracted the cancer that killed him while on the set of The Conqueror (1956), which was filmed near a nuclear test site in Utah.

    • Dick was a popular singer in the 1930's, he was actually discovered while he was singing in band leader Charlie Davis's orchestra.

    • Dick had four children, Richard Powell Jr., Norman, Ellen, and Pamela, whom he adopted.

    • Dick was one of the founders of the Four Star Television production company.

  • Quotes

    • Dick Powell: The best thing about switching from being an actor to being a director is that you don't have to shave or hold your stomach in anymore.