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  • Dick Sargaent is best known for being the "second Darrin" in Bewitched (witch meets mortal) the sitcom of the 1960's-70's.

    Personally I think he did a great job portraying Darrin Stephens as though the original actor had never left. He did a very fine job indeed and though he may not have brought the same feeling as Dick York did to the character, he was a great substitute. I am not very familiar with any of his other roles he played, but I am honoured to actually say something about this actor as no one else has. I am glad he played the second Darrin and kept the series alive, without him; someone else may have been chosen to play Darrin and wrecked it, or even worse someone may not have been chosen and the series could have folded. If anyone stumbles on this profile and knows of him, should write a quick review. He was such a kind, warm, lovely man.