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  • True fans...

    Hello fellow Dick Van Dyke fans, I am currently producing the short film Moving Millie, and thought you might be interested. Moving Millie is a romantic, fun, and inspiring short film paying homage to some of the great classic sitcom comedies like Dick Van Dyke and I Love Lucy.

    Why are we producing this film? is something about the great classic sitcoms of the 1950/60s that stand the test of time. The wholesome jokes and high energy physical comedy has made audiences laugh for over fifty years. It is no wonder that Dick Van Dyke is being honored this year with the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award (not to mention last years recipient Mary Tyler Moore).

    As young artists, we have always admired, and tried to emulate the comedic styling's of these great performers. We found ourselves in an age where crude, edgy, and/or slacker humor is the focus of mainstream comedy, searching for something more truthful.

    We are currently raising money for the project. Please help support our efforts by spreading the word and/or donating to our indiegogo campaign. Find us on under Moving Millie.
  • Watch out for that ottoman!

    Accent be damned, I first saw and loved Dick Van Dyke as Bert the chimney sweep in "Mary Poppins." As a kid, I caught the Nick at Nite reruns of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and watched the early seasons of his long-running whodunit "Diagnosis Murder" and he was and is one of my favorite TV performers. No one else I can think of can so effortlessly combine physical comedy, wordplay and genuine dramatic chops and do it as well or for as long as Mr. Van Dyke has over his long career.

    It's naive to assume that actors in reality display the traits of their characters, but from what I have seen of Dick Van Dyke in interviews and appearances, he looks to be the laid-back, funny guy that Bert, Rob Petrie and Mark Sloan were. He seems like he would be a great guy to visit with, an ideal "grandfather" figure if ever there was one.

    Like many other performers of his generation, Dick Van Dyke occasionally seems to be in "retirement" until a new project pops up. Whether it was a sizable supporting role in "Night at the Museum" or his new regular "Murder 101" TV movie series, it's always nice to see Dick Van Dyke on screen. It's almost like catching up with a family member you haven't seen in a while.
  • I am such a fan of Dick Van Dyke

    My family is big on his older shows, such as the dick van dyke show and some others. I have seen them on tvland or nick at nite. I have also seen his older movie bye bye birdie. Great work. I loved the show Diagnosis Murder with his real life son Barry Van Dyke It was an amazing show that had great story lines. I could tell how great they worked together. I can't wait to see what other great works Dick Van Dyke can come up with. I will be a fan of his till who knows when. He's great and classic.
  • empty

    Dick Van Dyke is a really wonderful actor that can pull off dramatic roles just as well as he can pull off comedic roles. The man has been in Hollywood almost since the beginning of time and he really is amazing.
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    Classic actor, above all he has starred on comedies and he is simply awesome, I can't believe that he is so funny. I saw him in Night At the Museum, and after that I decided to watch some of his movies, and I must say that he is awesome, he is simply one great actor and one classic actor I must say.
  • Amazingly talented man who has shown his dexterity by playing a variety of roles.

    Dick Van Dyke. How can you not love him? He has played roles from a comedy writer to a serious drunk from a lovable jack of all trades to a doctor who's hobby is solving murders. He doesn't stop there. I remember when he guest starred in Matlock as a judge. He played a cold-hearted murderer who was judging the case of the man he framed. I loved the Dick Van Dyke show and to me its one of my favorite shows of all time. It ranks right up there with I Love Lucy which is due to his genius comedic talent.
  • One of the funniest men on television. One of those kinds of entertainers that comes along once in a lifetime.

    Dick Van Dyke is argueably one of the best comedic actors in the last 100 years. Mr. Van Dyke has quite the arsnal in his quiver of arrows. If he doesn't simply charm you, he will use funny faces, prat falls, slapstick and mime to make you laugh. Anytime you watch this genius at work, you can't help yourself, he will make you laugh.
    My only regret is that they haven't cloned him so that there will ALWAYS be this hilarious, charming entertainer for generations to come.
    Treasured series as Dick Van Dyke show and movies like "Bye Bye Birdie", "Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang" and "Marry Poppins" show us his fabulous comedic talent, but his other successful show, "Diagnosis Murder" and the painful movie "The Morning After" and the much forgotten "The Comic" shows just how versitile his range is as an actor.
  • amazing actor

    Dick Van Dyke is a talented and well-known actor,his performance in Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews was spectular as was the Dick Van Dyke Show, but my favorite show with him in it is Diagnosis Murder, I love that show him and his son Berry played great together. He new show murder 101 looks good i'm glad he's back on tv.
  • Got to love him

    I have been watching Dick Van Dyke since I was little. Granted that is not that long ago I'm 23 now, but I still love him. I started watching him in the Dick Van Dyke show when I was little about 6 or 7 on nick at nite. I have seen every episode like 50 times know most of them by heart. He is a great physical commedian and it is always fun to watch him take pratt falls. Pretty good singing vioce too. Bye Bye Birdie was great and his accent wasn't too bad in Mary Poppins. He was great in Diagnosis Murder too. I loved seeing Dick act with his son and in the later seasons his grandchildren. He is a great actor and his entire body of work is great.