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  • He is the poster boy for the phrase "too much information!"

    He keeps getting on the news for the nastiest things. He videotapes himself in the bathroom. He tells us how long he has sex with his wife, what parts of his body are shaved, that he likes to dance around naked after he has a shower, all in really graphic detail. Nobody needs to know these things! He really seems to have a massive ego. He also seems to have an anger management problem considering all the legal trouble he gets into. I hate it when celebrities make millions and millions of dollars but they still won't pay child support until they get sued. That's disgusting.
  • A great performer.

    Ok, when it comes to Diddy, what's not to like?
    He is a great performer, a favorite of mine, talented and a multi-hundred-million-air.

    Though I wouldn't say he is the best of all time.
    I would say Diddy is just another one of the greats.
    I wouldn't say he is original, because him and B.I.G where quite similar back in the 90's, all the music was.

    But Diddy has grew to be an individual leader now-a-days.
    So he is original now, but since I don't feel he started out to be one, he aint one.

    He's doing great now, I feel some of his music.
    I will just give an example of a good song.
    "Victory". That's a great song from Diddy, I suggest you download it, or buy it or whatever. An update-remake of the song came out 2 years ago called "Victory 2004", that's great too since it has 50 cent and Lloyd Banks included though I recommend hearing the first version first.
    It is also featured in "EA: Fight Night 2004" Which is a great game too.

    Diddy also has a show "Making the band" which is also great and must be tough, it's a show about lot's of people who audition to become rappers or singers, he decides who is the best and makes them into a band. Must be great for him.

    Well to round it off, Diddy is a cool dude! Really, He is a great performer all-round.
  • This review is basically written to help those that feel that Diddy is entirely to overrated. In the review I list just a few reasons as to why this guy may be totally underatted if anything.

    I really feel that Diddy is underated in pretty much everything that he does. The guy not only has a top clothing line, a best selling cologne, a successful record company, and restaurant. Not to mention he just landed a cooking TV show. So how could this guy be considered overrated. People that are overated dont seem to stick around in the limelight for as many years as he has. Now im the first to admit that i dont think he is a strong actor, but i never heard of him getting any nominations or awards for being a good actor.
  • Often mistaken for another band.

    Due to his nick name "Puffy", my favorite band has to called by another name due to this which just sucks. Shouldn't have been nick named "Puffy". Other than that, i have no other problem with him. It is just a shame to see that he was nick named "Puffy" & my favorite band had to go by another name here in AMerica.
  • a person who lost his talent

    man diddy coppied off biggie in nasty girl by stealin his part in the second verse of nast boy. He used to be good but now he sucks. In order to promote bad boy he says bad boy like 20 times rapid fire bring back pufff daddy he was way better
  • He can't be treating people liket this.

    Diddy is evil. How can he just drop a girl from the Making the Band show just like that. First, how can he find any good girls if he just sticks to his favorite cities. He needs to broaden his horizons then maybe he would have something better. He wasted months of less than ten girls lives including the three finalists that include one that got cut, so he can find the perfect girls. It doesn't work like that everyones different. I'm not saying if they can't dance or sing keep them, but I know he cut some of them because they weren't pretty enough. He tested their skills after making them run 7 miles. Does that sound fair?
  • A Copycat

    P.Diddy has no talent and anyone who says he is needs to read the facts and think back to the days of a young squire name 2pac who basically help this cat out in his game because he copied and followed around biggie who followed around 2pac. Plus the boy cant act, rap nor can dance. He is just talentless the most talent he has is proactive and acne is a God givin gift. And don't say because he has Sean John because he doesn't make the line.
  • Is a horrible man!

    This man is horrible, this man practicly put SHYNE to jail. Shyne gets years in jail, when "P. Diddy" would of got probation. And treated Jennifer Lopez wrong. Talk bout' I need a girl, this man has kids, worry about them before you worry about I need a girl. U SUCK!