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  • A great performer.

    Ok, when it comes to Diddy, what's not to like?
    He is a great performer, a favorite of mine, talented and a multi-hundred-million-air.

    Though I wouldn't say he is the best of all time.
    I would say Diddy is just another one of the greats.
    I wouldn't say he is original, because him and B.I.G where quite similar back in the 90's, all the music was.

    But Diddy has grew to be an individual leader now-a-days.
    So he is original now, but since I don't feel he started out to be one, he aint one.

    He's doing great now, I feel some of his music.
    I will just give an example of a good song.
    "Victory". That's a great song from Diddy, I suggest you download it, or buy it or whatever. An update-remake of the song came out 2 years ago called "Victory 2004", that's great too since it has 50 cent and Lloyd Banks included though I recommend hearing the first version first.
    It is also featured in "EA: Fight Night 2004" Which is a great game too.

    Diddy also has a show "Making the band" which is also great and must be tough, it's a show about lot's of people who audition to become rappers or singers, he decides who is the best and makes them into a band. Must be great for him.

    Well to round it off, Diddy is a cool dude! Really, He is a great performer all-round.