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Dir en grey is: Voice - Kyo Guitar - Kaoru Guitar - Die Bass - Toshiya Drums - Shinya Formed in 1997, with the sole purpose to spread the feeling of hurt and sorrow caused by weakness, shallowness and egoism of humanity. Since then, their grotesque ways, their…more


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  • They got a great sound and a kick ass look too.

    \\\"One of the most versatile instruments in Dir en grey’s arsenal is Kyo’s voice, which ranges from whispering to hysterical, sometimes leaping between the two every few seconds. Raw and hard to endure, his touch has a deep impact on the psychological effect of their songs. Even if a stereo cannot emulate the energy he displays on stage, his voice and words certainly overcompensates for that misfortune.

    It is, however, the bass, played by Toshiya, that I tend to prefer in DeG’s music. Habitually fast and always fluctuating, his lines are one of the main reasons his band stands above the crowd, and that his talent remains hardly rivalled. There are of course plenty of other reasons, notably called Shinya, Kaoru and Die.

    Shinya\\\'s androgynous ways are reminiscent of many famous Japanese musicians and while she... he is far from being able to perform the exploits of his alter-ego and mentor, Yoshiki of X Japan, his drumming is nothing short of amazing. The two guitars have been improving immensely throughout the years and have now reached a peak in excellence. There is no lead or accompanying guitar in their case; both are equally present and skilful. Where Kaoru has the edge, however, is in music composition. He wrote or co-wrote most of Dir en grey’s songs but I must commend the band for their individual participation in music. Many groups’ success rests on the imagination of a single member but every member of this one wrote, at the very least, one song I adore.

    It first seems as if DeG appeared out of nowhere. Their popularity surely came briskly but the band was not at its first steps when they reached the top. Formally known as La:Sadies, Dir en grey was officially announced in 1997 when Toshiya joined the group. They then released their first mini-album, Missa, which contained six songs including the now popular Garden and Erode.\\\"

    Exserpt from http://www.projectj.net/direngrey.htmmoreless