DJ Qualls





6/12/1978 , Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Birth Name

Donald Joseph Qualls




DJ Qualls is an actor from Nashville, Tennessee, well-known for his roles in feature films as a skinny nerd. Born in 1978, Qualls beat cancer as a teenager, and he went on to study at the University of London in the UK. After graduation, the actor returned home and took on small roles at a stage company in his hometown. His TV debut came in 1994 in an unaccredited part of a HBO drama. Producer Ivan Reitman cast Qualls in his 2000 hit comedy film, Road Trip, after the actor nailed his casting call. He modeled for Prada the rest of that year before accepting his second feature film role in 2001, a comedy called Chasing Holden. The actor's rising stardom landed him a supporting role in the 2005 Oscar-winning film Hustle & Flow. That same year Qualls returned to television to play guest spots during prime-time shows, which included Law and Order, Scrubs and Lost. The actor was the executive producer in the 2010 motion picture, Last Day of Summer, and he worked in both TV and film well into 2011.