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  • An 'exceptionally-talented co-star' seems more accurate, to me; elements of his character portrayals seem almost pricelessly unique, natural, and honest throughout. Often, his is the most believable character on the screen.

    A long time ago, I saw "Road Trip," which struck me as fairly average 'coming of age a bit late in the game' stuff; what stood very way out was Mr Qualls' portrayal of 'Kevin,' the sort of nebbish geeky grown-up kid who seems always the target of the bullies in whatever crowd the play (or movie or TV show) one is watching.

    This character's every appearance on the screen was, to me, anyway, a marvellous example of opposites. He superbly communicated innocence, innate capability, high intelligence, genuine kindness, bedrock-strong ethical underpinnings, and a thoroughly-appropriate yet completely unassuming desire to be thought of as 'one of the guys' by each of the 'guys' with whom he was appearing.

    Lo and behold: last night, while watching a "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" repeat (aired originally last Christmas), there was Mr Qualls, giving a pitch-perfect portrayal of a twenty-something computer nerd who'd apparently killed, quite violently, another person, even though anyone speaking with him would most- assuredly conclude him completely innocent.

    "L&O" creator Dick Wolf has spent quite a few years perfecting the 'police procedural' format, and 'CI' specializes in the investigative aspects of what I'll call 'not so cut-and-dried' cases. As the show progresses, it becomes either 'less foggy' or 'somewhat more clear' (depending upon the viewers' choice) that there is considerably more to the circumstances of this character ('Robbie') than immediately meets the eye. He's experienced some mental difficulties, for which he obtained therapy from a well-known shrink.

    Mr Qualls' portrayal of Robbie is, to me, far more than a mere 'character study:' he becomes that person, in pretty much every aspect. Things he says that relate to what writers might call the character's back-story emerge as Robbie explaining aspects of his personal history, as seen through his personal perspective.

    His appearance on this program is, in my humble opinion, represents the finding one of the seemingly-all-too-rare 'gems of great value' in the world of episodic television, and I was very glad to've experienced it. He employs and develops his considerable talent honestly, enabling each actor in his scenes just as honestly to increase the quality of their own performances, to the betterment of the entire production (not to mention the increased quality of entertainment derived by the viewer).

    As with that movie, what at first seems rather trite and formulaic can be seen to've been a sort of 'hidey-hole' for some really stunning and rewarding acting, that far surpasses what an interested viewer might otherwise've expected.

    Only two or three times have I watched presentations wherein the inherent 'suspension of disbelief' necessary to simple enjoyment of the 'entertainment product' being viewed was so easily enacted all the way to the writing level as Mr Qualls' portrayals enable (other examples of what I'm trying to convey would include Martha Plimpton's role as the 'Mr Big' character in "Surface" and Schuyler Fisk's [Sissy Spacek's daughter] role as a serial baby-killing mother in a recent "Law & Order: SVU" episode).

    The exceptional quality and integrity of his work leave me simultaneously appreciative, for having seen and enjoyed it, and anticipative, for being able to see more of it (and to do that more frequently, too).

  • What is a summary? I've kinda forgotten .... If i'm wrong here then please dont blame me. Well Overall I think that DJ Qualls should be a well known star, I mean at school and stuff NOBODY knows who he is!

    This guy has REAL tallent, not like some of the other film/movie stars out there. DJ is quite the actor, his child-like appearence makes him easy to put into a teen's film. He has alot of energy in the films that he's in, like in The New Kid, it kind of gives a quarter of his WOW factor. I haven't seen any of his model pictures but I can just imagine. When I was watching the film The Core, [1 year ago app.] I took a liking to the charactor 'Rat'. At that time I never had a clue of who he actually was, so I googled : The Core and went to the site. I then searched : 'Rat' and DJ Qualls came up, and before I knew it I was reading his biography and stuff. I mentioned The New Kid a couple of words ago, the story of coming across that was when I was reading his biography. Well, I was looking at all of the films that he'd been in and I picked one out [The New Kid]. I sat on you tube and watched the WHOLE film. It was great, alot of pain at the beginning but apart from that it was a good film. To be 100% honest, I think that DJ is hot. I can see why he was a model. He should be a bigger star than what he is, he deserves 100% credet on what he's done.
  • I don't care for Conan but I caught DJ on a rerun tonight; there's nothing "rerun" about him. I'm not a celebrity buff but he is adorably unabashed, a seemingly un-drugged and unpretentious personality. He doesn't stand on a hill banging his chest,

    I’m the least likely person to ever write a review about a celebrity since I remember performances, but not names (except for the names of bad performers). In fact I’ve never done anything remotely similar to this before in my whole life, but neither is DJ Qualls remotely similar to any other celebrity recently renowned that I can think of.

    On late-night TV, I generally I prefer to surf right past Conan O’Brien, but tonight this lithe, lanky man in a tightly striped suit caught my immediate attention and I lifted my thumb from the remote. The name “Cyrano de Bergerac” tumbled around in my mental rolodex of the famous – all twelve of whom I’m ever lucky to remember, but this guy’s nose was much less pronounced. I knew I’d seen that “nerdy” look before….but where??? Then Conan mentioned the movie 'Hustle and Flo' and there it was-- I’d seen the trailer! (You’re right, I should get out more.)

    I actually don’t remember a single word or question that cam from Conan’s mouth but I remember every unaffected, delightfully-genuine word spoken by DJ Qualls. When he talked about always ending up on the floor in bar room fights he never picked, I didn’t feel sorry for him because you can tell there’s something about this unassuming guy that nobody will ever be able to put down. When he commanded his upper body to dance the way Michael Jackson does his feet, I didn’t mentally critique him. Instead I felt guilty for being a closet nerd myself but without benefit of his unaffected self-esteem.

    I’m glad to have had the opportunity to spend a few minutes getting to know DJ Qualls tonight. And although this was only a Conan rerun, take my word for it… there’s nothing “rerun” about DJ. Through him came an epiphany of the totality of loss unknowingly suffered by the pretentious crowd we all grew up with, the loss of not much sooner knowing people like him (…. or perhaps even me).
  • Really, he should be in a lot more movies/shows, or at least play bigger parts.

    This guy's got talent, seriously. He excels at every part he plays. He's the kind of actor you can't help but love. And really, I admire this guy. He's been through so much as a kid, and it's amazing how he went through those struggles and ended up acting, and doing a great job at it. I really think he deserves much more attention than he gets.

    I mean like, the guy can cry on spot =P And it's not just watery-eyes...he CRIES. He makes scenes much more realistic.(That crying scene in Comic Book Villians =o )

    If you can't rent/buy any of the movies he's been in, there's some shows he's played parts in. Lost, Criminal Minds, Law&Order.

    So if you haven't heard of the guy (which for some reason, a lot of people haven't), give him a chance, he's really quite good.
  • To sum it up, this man has real talent. He has something alot of people nowadays don\'t have.

    D.J. Qualls is remarkable. He has a style of his own, but plainly shows it from his heart, which is something you don\'t see too much of nowadays. He is serious about what he does. I have seen people make it in the business of acting and singing, but he has struggled through life to get where he is now. My hat goes off to you man. Sometimes it takes the battles in life to show us what we are truly made of. My grandma always told me as a child, \"We are all born with a gift, some us know how to use it and some of us don\'t. You found your gift, and you use it well. Keep up the great work man.

    From one of your greatest fans.

    Karen Salvador