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  • Really, he should be in a lot more movies/shows, or at least play bigger parts.

    This guy's got talent, seriously. He excels at every part he plays. He's the kind of actor you can't help but love. And really, I admire this guy. He's been through so much as a kid, and it's amazing how he went through those struggles and ended up acting, and doing a great job at it. I really think he deserves much more attention than he gets.

    I mean like, the guy can cry on spot =P And it's not just watery-eyes...he CRIES. He makes scenes much more realistic.(That crying scene in Comic Book Villians =o )

    If you can't rent/buy any of the movies he's been in, there's some shows he's played parts in. Lost, Criminal Minds, Law&Order.

    So if you haven't heard of the guy (which for some reason, a lot of people haven't), give him a chance, he's really quite good.