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  • What is a summary? I've kinda forgotten .... If i'm wrong here then please dont blame me. Well Overall I think that DJ Qualls should be a well known star, I mean at school and stuff NOBODY knows who he is!

    This guy has REAL tallent, not like some of the other film/movie stars out there. DJ is quite the actor, his child-like appearence makes him easy to put into a teen's film. He has alot of energy in the films that he's in, like in The New Kid, it kind of gives a quarter of his WOW factor. I haven't seen any of his model pictures but I can just imagine. When I was watching the film The Core, [1 year ago app.] I took a liking to the charactor 'Rat'. At that time I never had a clue of who he actually was, so I googled : The Core and went to the site. I then searched : 'Rat' and DJ Qualls came up, and before I knew it I was reading his biography and stuff. I mentioned The New Kid a couple of words ago, the story of coming across that was when I was reading his biography. Well, I was looking at all of the films that he'd been in and I picked one out [The New Kid]. I sat on you tube and watched the WHOLE film. It was great, alot of pain at the beginning but apart from that it was a good film. To be 100% honest, I think that DJ is hot. I can see why he was a model. He should be a bigger star than what he is, he deserves 100% credet on what he's done.