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    Not very well known is one way to describe Dokken. Legendary is another. My favourite era with Dokken are their 80's era but they produced great music in the 90's and are still doing so today. This band RULE! I will review the original members as they are the ones that got me hooked to the band.

    Don Dokken (Lead Vocalist) -- This man has the voice of a God. Never left the band. His voice ain't exactely what it used to be but still he can hit the high notes like no other. Just hits lower ones now than he used too.

    George Lynch (Lead Guitarists/Back up vocals) -- Listen to 'Mr. Scary' and you'll have no doubt this man is one of the best to play the guitar.

    Mick Brown (Drummer/Back up vocals) SUPERB DRUMMER!

    Jeff Pilson (Bass Player/Back up vocals)-- Also SUPERB!

    Well right now there is a new guitarist and a new bass player. Don and Mick have stayed with the bnd. I long for the day the original members get together again. But Lynch and Don have issues to work out. BIG ones. But although the members I reviewed were the original members I can not finish up without giving credit to the other members who have come and gone to keep Dokken going on strong and who have been equally talented. I only have 'The Very Best of' album but I NEED to get more. They're like a drug on me. And I listen to that full CD almost if not everyday. And I got it on Christmass of 2005 lol!

    GREATEST Band Of All Time!!!moreless