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  • One of the greatest talents ever.

    Dolly is absolutely one of the greatest talents in her industry. She is an amazing song writer, quite a funny actress, and her voice is probably the closest thing to an angel that we will ever find on earth. I have had the privilege of meeting her twice and I can honestly say that she was no different in person than what you see on T.V. she was down to earth and to funny for words. All in all I think if your looking to find a celebrity that you can relate to then Dolly is your gal. She is truly an amazing person.
  • Love her!!

    Dolly Parton is so awesome! She's a really great singer! I love her voice! It is sooo beautiful! It's really soothing. I also love her acting. I loved her role as Aunt Dolly on Hannah Montana or Dolly Major on Reba! She is HILARIOUS!!! She had me cracking up the whole time! She rocks hard!

    Dolly has that kind of personality that makes you feel like she's a part of your family, and that's a really cool personality. She is really cool and unique. She's also really pretty. I love her hair. I hope I look like her when I'm her age. What is that? 30? LOL! She looks so young. She rocks so hard!
  • She is so inspirational to me!!

    Shes the one who inspired me to start singing and i love love love love her theme park dollywood located in the smokey Mt.s ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! shes my hero and now she's on my favorite show i the world man is there any thing she can't do ! ! i saw a show on her life last time i went to dollywood and i loved it she teaches you that no matter what you can fufill your dreams even if ppl tell you you can't ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !