Dom DeLuise





8/1/1933 , Brooklyn,New York City USA



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Dom Deluise made his tv debut on a local Cleveland, Ohio kids tv show "Tip Top Clubhouse!" with radio/tv and stage entertainer Joe Bova in the early 1950's. He would later become the fourth and last host/performer and instructor of WJZ/WABC TV Ch.7 NYC's "Tinker's Workshop", a daily kids educational tv show that made it's debut on Ch.7 on Monday morning November 15, 1954 (Bob Keeshan was the first host/performer to play "Tinker The Toymaker". The other hosts/performers and instructors of the series were Henry Burbig and Gene London). Deluise would entertain and inform his viewers in between the reruns of old movie cartoons and comedies, until the station execs at Ch.7 closed down "Tinker's Workshop" for good on Friday morning August 22, 1958.Mr.Deluise would also host CBS TV's Prime Time Variety series' "The Entertainers" with Carol Burnett and "The Dom Deluise Show" during the 1960's.He also appeared semi-regularly on "The Shari Lewis Show"saturday mornings on NBC TV from October,1960 to 1962.Deluise appeared on Ms.Lewis'show,playing a bumbling private detective named"Kenny Ketcham". In the 1970's, he would star on the short-lived NBC TV sitcom "Lotsa Luck!" with Kathleen Freeman,Wynn Irwin and Jack Knight.

Mr. Deluise would also do cartoon voice overs for such animated series' as "The Roman Holidays" with Dave Wilcox, Barry Livingston, Pamilyn Ferdin, Shirley Mitchell, Daws Butler, and Hal Smith, and "An American Tale: Fievel Goes West!" (A tv cartoon version of the animated feature film). Mr. Deluise would serve as a semi-regular on "The Dean Martin Show", in which he played a wisecracking barber, and he would MC the syndicated 1980's version of "Candid Camera". Dom Deluise would perform on numerous films and tv series and specials. He would write two cookbooks and two children's books, "Charlie The Catepillar" and "GoldieLocks & The Three Bears: The Real Story!". His last regular tv series was playing "Cookie" on Shari Lewis' last kids tv show "Charlie Horse's Music Pizza" on the PBS TV Network during the late 1990's. Since the cancellation of "Charlie Horse's Music Pizza", Mr. Dom Deluise has been performing in movies. He was last seen at the New York Alumni Association Saturday night at Beverly Hills High School