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  • One of the acting greats. There won't be another like him for quite some time. :idea:

    I admire Dom Deluise's acting career as any guy can admire it, but Dom Deluise always seemed to play either a good guy who was down on his luck, or a nervous second banana to the main hero who had to find courage to do the right thing. And even though he never really got the opportunity to be the main star of any movies or T.V. shows that he starred in, the characters that he voiced in cartoons will always be easily remembered. Whether it's the mice-friendly feline named Tiger the Cat, the neurotic, nervous mutt named Itchy, or the Koosalagoopagoop from "Dexter's Laboratory," his presence was undeniable and he always had a hint of humor in his voice, and a generally jolly nature. He contributed and did a lot for humor during his illustrious career in television and movies. Dom Deluise is one actor who will be greatly missed. :idea: Enough said! ;)