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  • Great in all he does.

    My favorite in "FlashForward","LOST", and Eminem's "Love the way you lie" music video.
  • Dom

    I still miss Charlie he was like the best character on Lost so it is still not the same with him gone. Dom is a great actor he has appeared in Lost obvously, the lord of the rings trilodgy as the hobbit Merry he is one of my favourite characters in them as well, Dom plays my favourite character in everything even Wolverine where he is in it for like 5 minutes. He has appeared in Chuck that was a good episode shame I didnt have 3D glasses I do now will have to re watch that. He is set to be in new show Flash Forward the show I will be watching this fall.
  • Pretty much a great actorr, so cool i love his hair and eyesss

    i pretty much am in love with him :) i was so gutted when they killed him off lostt, i actually crieddd! i love his voicee and he is a properr good actorr i say they need to bring him back to lost or some one else puts him in a filmm i need something new to watchh apartt from the episodes of lost that hes in which i watch everydayy. nd im just gonna go on with myselff how beautiful he is because i need to put more wordss inn :) i am actually in lovee with himm i would stalk him if i seen himm! what else is he in i never hear his namee aroundd. he's beautifull
  • He's my favorite!

    Dominic Monaghan plays Charlie on the hit tv show- "Lost". His acting is phenominal and I love his accent. I haven't seen him in any of his other movies or shows but I am sure that he is wonderful in those too. Dominic is one of my favorite actors and definatly my favorite actor on lost. I love his eyes. They're beautiful.I really wish that he wasn't killed off in Lost. I hope to see him in a movie of my interest or maybe they'll even bring him back a few episodes in the new season for a flashback or something. Yeah. Well, I guess thats al. He's my favorite. The end.
  • Charlie Pace is Amazing

    He was an amazing character, and his sense of humor actually got a lot better in the third season. I found that the more i liked his character the more i hated locke, true for many, i suspect. So;
    Charlie Pace was a junkie. He was addicted to heroin. He played base guitar in his band "driveshaft" At first he comes off just like "that guy over there", but then he kind of grows on you. Yeah, he seems pretty caring and all, if you look at him when hes with claire, and how he "sacrificed himself." but there is a much darker side to Charlie as well.

    I actually started to think he was bipolar. no joke. Numerous times through his character's screen-life, he totally lost control and was so vengeful that it was actually kind of intense. Like when he wants his drugs back; he comes so close to ripping off lockes head that i was on the edge of my seat, and then he just about takes it out on jack... until the cave collapses that is. then hes the hero, saves jack, throws out his drugs, yeah.

    Short after, Claire gets kidnapped. Quick summary, six bullets to the guys chest, when they could have used him for much needed questioning. he was so hot here. he was all like- no one can hurt you now.

    Then hes pissed at locke for catching him with heroin again and humiliating him and punching him "repeatedly in the face" so he kidnaps sun, or at least tries to
    to help SAWYER
    for GUNS

    hahhah i lovveeddd him.
    he would have made a much better bad guy though [:

    Thank the writers for killing him off. :/ but you gotta love them, or there'd be no lost.. He was my favorite character, shortly replaced by Ben. i just love how manipulative he is, yet so calm at the same time. haha

    Well anyway, R.I.P. charliee.
  • R.I.P Charlie Pace

    What can I say about Dominic? He is a very talented actor. He was awesome in the Lord of the Rings. He has been in many things but he is best known from the television hit LOST and the film Lord of the Rings. He did an brilliant job in both of them. In the television show LOSt, he played the character Charlie Pace, Dominic, did an awesome job. But he got killed off. I dont think LOST will be the same without him. All in all Dominic Monaghan is a very talented actor, hopefully we will see him in alot more things.
  • Dom....wats more to say??

    Dominic Monaghan!! hes just amazing. his funny,charming,witty and sweet personality is sure to make anyonme hooked on him. Atleast i was! He was the reason i first started watching LOST, and i would be lieing if i said that he wasnt my 2nd best star hottie!! his funny character:Charlie wasextremely performed by Dom. He made the whole world love Charlie,and when Charlie met his fate, he sure made LOTS of people cry!! I cried my eyes out and still do,everytime i see the last moments with Charlie and Dom on LOST!!!!
    Dominic Monaghan has also done a brilliant job in LOTR i mean he was my fav hobbit!!(obviously),but i did fall in for his character even before i kenw Dom and thats because he always adds a personal touch to any character he plays!
    As for Dom outside the charcters. Well, must say his spur-of-the-moment attitude and crazy touches makes me fall for him deeply!! yes this may not be true love,as im too young to know wat that is,but i sure know its one kind of love:):):D
  • great actor...

    Dominic Monaghan is a very good actor and it's surprising that he doesn't have more roles. He played Merry in Lord of the Rings and did a great job. Now he plays as Charlie in Lost and he an equally great job. He really turns into the character and does a great job. I'm really surpirsed he hasn't had more roles. I figured after Lord of the Rings he would be in more movies, not go on TV. Oh well, he has a great role on TV in a great show and it's nice to see that the show's doing well.
  • lost debuted a couple of years ago and monaghan is a great actor and also has some great films to his credit

    Monaghan is not afraid to take on tough challenges to keep himself in the spotlight. He took a role in a series that was hyped from the start and continues to make the series more and more confusing. But the constant in this show is the acting that is done by the cast which is led by matthew fox and monaghan. As the film buff that i am i apreciate his acting being that he got his break in the lord of the rings trilogy and then got his job on lost. he is very respected among tv actors and it shows when you watch lost
  • Review

    I know Dominic from his work on Lost and in the best movie series of our time - The Lord of the Rings. I think that his role in both of the roles was simple - he was underused. I think that he is someone who the audiance could connect to in either case. In Lord of the Rings it was Frodo and Sam grabbbing the spotlight and he had nothing but a small role as a random hobbit in the second and third films. His role in Lost kind of declined as the show went on. He was so huge in the first season, but then in the second and third seasons he took a little decline in the amount of airtime. His backstory really couldnt help his cause, as it was kind of a boring backstory compared to everyone elses. I think Dominic played both roles to perfection and that he could be the star of a show if he was given enough of an oppurtuniy. His time on Lost is up as well as Lord of the Rings, I wonder what big role he will get next.
  • Really talented.

    Dominic Monaghan plays my favorite character, Charlie, on LOST. He's a really talented actor and I was really upset when he got killed off of LOST. I think that he is absolutely HILARIOUS. I like hearing him talk and I like to hear him sing as well. I think he's a really cool guy and I would like to meet him in person. I also think that he's really cute and he seems pretty sweet. I'm really happy that he is dating Evangeline Lily. They look absolutely adorable together! I can't wait til they get married! I can't wait to see him in upcoming movies and tv shows!
  • Its the hobbit

    I have a hard time watching LOST and seeing Dominic Monaghan as Charlie and think that was the hobbit from The Lord of the Rings. I think that he did a really good job in the Lord of the Ring movies i liked his character he was funny. I think that he is a wonderful actor and he does a wonderful job with his character on LOST. I really hope that he is in more movies and shows because i would like to see what other types of roles he decides to take on. Hopefully LOST does not kill him off.
  • Best actor ever!!!

    Dominic Monaghan is without doubt my favourite actor ever!!!! I got to know him through the lord of the rings which is my favourite movie ever! I loved watching him as small hobbit he played his role Meriadoc Brandybuck cute and convinced. Also in the TV sho Lost is he great. He acts brilliant as he would be charlie pace his character. I love him also when he isn't acting. He is talented in many ways. He brings everywhere he goes fun with him. I like his style and his clothes and i love that he is varnish his fingernails that makes him unique. I hope he will be like he is now for ever.
  • empty

    I love the actor for being in my all time favouite movie, well trilogy LOTR, as well as being in my all time favourite TV progam Lost. How much better ca you get. His acting its bloody fabulous if you ask me, his character is very jolly in Lost which is why I like him. He is not my favourite character in any of them but he is still in them.
  • Charlie from 'Lost'

    Although, he acted in 'LOTR' (Lord Of The Rings), a famous trilogy by Tolkin, Dominic is also well-known for his role from 'Lost', where he played Charlie, a former junky. He looks pretty ok and it seems that he can act very fine. He is also in a relationship with his paartner form 'Lost' Evangeline Lilly. They're a cute couple!!!
  • Yahoo

    Dominic is my second favorite character on LOST. I think I must have been the only person who didn't know he was on Lord of the Rings, I might actually have to rent those so I can see him. I knew he was on some British mystery show but nver Lord of the Rings. Anyways if he or Hurley dies I think LOST would lose a ton of veiwers becuase they are really popular. Dominic is underused on LOST and should be evn more involved in the show even though people already say he's way too inolved already but I don't care there needs to be more Charlie on LOST.
  • I love Dom!

    Dominic Monaghan is such a great actor!

    I loved him in Lord of the rings, hes my favorite character! When LOST first started, I only watced it because he was on the show! Now I'm completely hooked and cant go a week without watching it! Anyway, I think Dominic is so adorable!!! I'll watch anything if hes in it! Hes definitely one of my favorite actors! Personally, I dont think Lost gives him enough screen time, But when he is on screen, I'm LOVING it!! My favorite character he has ever played is Merry from LOTR. He played that part so great. I think he is so talented and I cant wait to see what he'll do next!
  • Hot as hell!!

    He is hot as hell! Im in love with him. He is so cute. I wish they would just show him more in Lost. Ive never seen Lord of the Rings but I bet he was fanominal in it! I love Dominic 4ever and always. Im in love with you Dominic. Youre so fine, and any girl would even be lucky to know you.
  • He's got it all.

    Dominic has just got it all! He's HILARIOUS (with co-stars and without), and he's gorgeous. Most importantly, he can ACT, and not just one type of person. He can go from being a cheery hobbit [Lord of the Rings], to a heroine-addicted musician, stranded on a strange island [Lost].

    Dominic is definetly an actor to keep an eye on in the future, because he's going to be going places. Next time 'Lost' is on TV, or a Lord of the Rings movie is playing on TV some lazy Saturday afternoon, watch it, and you'll see how great this guy really is.
  • a very talented actor!

    to start with, i didn't like him in lord of the rings but i didn't like any of the hobbits too much, so maybe it only just had to do with the character he was playing and not with dominic monaghan himself. so i didn't expect too much of him when i saw, that he was going to be in "lost".

    i was completely mistaken!

    he's a wonderful actor. he makes charlie one of the most interesting characters in lost. he does a great job in showing all the different facets of his character in a very believable way. he is very sweet at times (especially when it comes to claire and the baby), then again incredibly witty (sometimes garcia's hurley and monaghan's charlie really remind me of laurel and hardy) but he also manages to show the dark side of charlie and still never makes him lose the viewers sympahty.

    to put it short: dear writers of lost, please give us more of him!
  • I adore him.

    This guy is such a great actor. Plus he is also hot and sexy, but that is just a plus. He is a very talented man. He was wonderful in Lord Of The Rings and he is amazing on Lost. He is so funny and he makes you feel for Charlie when he is on screen. The writers do not use him enough like they should. Dominic Monaghan can do a good bit and it seems like he is overshadowed sometimes on Lost. Hopefully in episodes to come they will use him more. I know he can do alot because I have seen it.
  • The best and loveliest human in the world of acting.

    I have been a huge fan of his since he was in Hetty, i have been a big fan ever since and always will be.
    He is just a lovely down to earth person who loves life and everything in it.
    He shares alot of likes with me, which includes music (The beatles etc) Wildlife, Nature, Movies and more.
    I'm sure once Lost is finished there will be plenty of opportunity for him to do other things, his talent will just grow better and better and i will always be watching everything he does.
    Dominic is just the best and i love him.
  • WOW.... what a great actor.

    Dominic Moraghan is great starting from the Lord of the Rings where he was so great at actting like a hobbit. Now, that he is a star on Lost he's showing the world that he can do alot. Now, that he's showing that he can play the part of a drug addict hes doing great and i hope he actor for a long time to come.
  • love him

    Charlie is my Favorite LOST charecter, and Dom is a great person to protray him, I first knew who he was because of the Lord of the Rings movies, and loved his accent, When LOST came on I watched the first episode mainly because Dom was on it, glad for that casting, as LOST is now in my top ten.Dom is cute funny and a good actor enjoy him every week
  • There are no words to decribe how hot Dominic Monaghan really is.

    This guy has it all. He's talented, funny, charming and did I mention good looking? He plays my favorite character on my favorite show. Lost would not be the same with out Dominic Monaghan. His voice, demenor and comedic style makes him a great actor. He totally deserves his own show. He would be a good main character or best friend of the main character. I think he would work well on a Pirates of the Carribean move. Imangine having Johnny Depp, Orlamdo Bloom and Dominic Monaghan in one film. There would be a never ending line of screaming teen girls (including me) at the door. All the pictures I see him in he is wearing black, white or grey. He needs to add some color like green, tan or maroon. One thing is for sure, Dominic Monaghan will go far in this business.
  • "Dom's so cute!!"

    Yeah, I'm all for Dominic Monaghan! He's cute, he's rebellious and stubborn, he's cute, he's funny, he plays different characters well, and did I mention he's cute? I'd have to say that he plays a much better Charlie than Merry, though he fits the role of a hobbit well. And that wig he had to wear? It's just BAD!! (Cute but when I think of Charlie with that wig......*shudder, twitch, spaz.....*) His shortness makes him cute too. (He gives hope to us vertically deprived He's actually the second shortest person on the island...second only to Claire and not including Walt. He's shorter than Evangeline Lilly, who's he's dating!! Thinking about him makes me want to watch Lost right now. When I get the dvd, the first 2 episodes I'm watching are gonna be The Moth and Homecoming. And of course we all know that Charlie's upcoming episode Fire and Water is gonna be GREAT! (Though he's gonna be on the point of self-destruction....)
  • he is the best actor from lost hes sexy funny and dont you think he has the most gorgeous smile?

    hey is very fit! i wouldnt mind goin out with him x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
  • Dom is under used in Lost

    Dom isn't used to his full potential on the show. The writers editied the character of Charlie to bring him in and don't use him properly. Dom has a huge following of fans from LOTR, some people only heard about Lost because of him. Dom should be used more on the show, he bring humour and can also do drama too.
  • A former hobbit whose got 'lost'!

    Monaghan started off in a grannie mystery show, Hetty Wainthrop Investigates.
    He went on to bigger and better things, LOTRs, as one of the four hobbits. To be honest I should think most people believed this was his debut, as the before mentioned show weren't much cop.
    He's now appearing in the new international smash hit tv show, lost. Although his character in this show seems nothing more than a whiner.
    I preferred him as the funny hobbit with his comedy partner merry, rather than this supposed Brit rock star. Which the story strangely resembles the relationship of the Oasis, Gallagher brothers.
    I reckon his best market is comedy, he doesn't seem to have much of a dramatic presence or features. His character in lost isn't a stereotypical british guy, which is refreshing, but more to do with the clever and original writing than the actor.
  • This guy deserves way more credit

    Dominic is a very talented man, and he deserves more appeal than what he gets. I loved him in Lord of the Rings! He does great work in Lost also, ad he isn't getting as much attention as he should be getting. I love Dominic, and I know he will prosper sometime soon!
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