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  • Very Hot and sex he needs to be in more shows fast

    He is one of the new best actors in today's television shows. He can change his personality in a split second, he can go from being the blonde to very serious and back again. He has the looks of being a rebel, rockstar. He also looks hot when he has been on a lost island for months!!!
  • Dominic Monaghan! OMG not only is he a charmer but he is also a great actor!!!

    Dominic Monaghan. What is there to say about him? He is an amazing actor and overall person! He is loyal to his friends, family and heart. He knows what he wants out of life and he will not stop until he gets there. His performance in 'Lost' is absolutely astonishing! The way he portrays this particular character is done with such detail and brilliance! If he hadn't gotten the part of Merry in LOTR I dont know what the world would be doing! I can't wait until he and Billy Boyd write something together! Rock On Dom!!
  • The reason I chose Charlie from the tv show Lost as my personal favorite is because he is the most amusing and has come so close to death more than anyone in the show, and still came back. A real survivor.

    hey ppl,

    this review is to tell everyone who reads why charlie is the best character. Charlie belongs to a band as a guitar player back in britain.

    in my opinion he is the most amusing charatcter out of the cast. also he has met with a near death encounter more than anyone on the show.
    eg. getting caught by ethen, crossing the bridge with hurlie etc.

    some ppl say that because he used to be a drugy that makes him really trashy. but while on the island he gets off them and learns to live wtihout them.

    so considering this it is no wonder Charlie is my favorite character.
  • He is mine! (read rest of review, 'specially if you're Dom himself, and if you are...send me message.

    He is so talented, hot, funny, hot, loveable, hot, mine,
    He seriously drives me crazy. I can't even sit down when I watch Lost because I jump up every time I see him and say "MINE!" Last night when the episode "Moth" was on, all I had to do was see Charlies fingers strum the guitar at the beginning and I was all over the TV, swooning. Then, I saw him oh-so-hot-dressed-up at the church and I was all over the TV and I about cried at his story because he had sooo much pressure on him from his brother and I just wanted to murder Liam, even when they sort-of switched places (it was Liam's fault Charlie became a junkie).
    It sometimes depresses me, how much I want to meet him but probably won't. I can't belive he was out there the whole time and I didn't notice him until they first aired the episode where they make a golf course.

  • He is a metrosexual. That is why he always looks so smokin', even when he has to play a junkie.

    Yes, yes, he wore the grey and black strips in 'LOST' for one too many episodes, but hey, he pulls it off fantastically. Trench coats in the early days of Hetty Wainthropp, along with the baggy sweaters, made Dom look quite cute, but with the stubble and clothes that fit him better, well, that is when the fun started. The yellow vest in LoTR does not do him justice at all, giving him a little pot belly and a rotund figure. Curly hair wasn't all that great, either, because it hides his beautiful, gorgeous face! But on 'LOST,' with the over shadowed 5 o'clock shadow and the dusty, vintage type clothing, he just comes out looking like a perfect rock star. Dominic will always be hot, though, hands down. He's my favorite actor ever since I saw him on MYSTERY! and he will always be hot, no matter what he wears.
  • Dominic Monaghan is totally one of the best actors in the world! I totally love him, he is really handsome and a really talented actor!

    I think Dominic Monaghan is totally one of the best actors in the world! I totally love him, he is really handsome and a really talented actor!
    He is really amazing in Lord Of The Rings, he is funnny but has a really serious side to him too! Him and Billy Boyd (Pippin) are really great together, they are a perfect comedy act! They are totally inseperateable! They are so cute together and have made Merry and Pippin my favourite characters in the film!
    Dom is an amazing person and i will always be his fan! (I was a bit shocked to hear that he had had a fight with Orlando Bloom on the LOTR set! But i'm glad they are mates again!) I LOVE DOMINIC MONAGHAN!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dominic is a reeli gud actor that can change from bein a luvvable hobbit in 'lotrs' to an on the rocks junkie in 'lost' hes just brill

    dom is a very talented actor that every body should have heard of him (if its from lord of the rings or if theyv heard of him from watchin 'lost') hes so brill n in 'lost hes soo fit with that rugged edge 2 them that every bloke shood have

  • Dom is really a true talent.

    Dominic Monaghan. Cutie. But, seriously, more to him than just that. He has talent, charm, and a sense of humor. He was great as Merry in the LotR movies, and a great character as Charlie on "Lost." Dom does seem to have a knack to choosing the right roles, or right projects. He was in 3 of the most successful movies of all time, and on a greatly entertaining tv show. What's not to love about a cute guy with an accent, talent, and who can make you laugh. Hopefully, we will be seeing more, much, much more, of him in the future.
  • Omg Dominic Monaghan is the hottest sexiest man alive!!! He's so funny and he's the greatest actor alive! He's so hot in Lost every time i see him on T.V I go crazy! I'm all over the T.V when they show him!! He's so hot!!

    Dominic Monaghan is so yummie! I even think he was hot in the lord of the rings.
    Hmmmm reasons why he is so totally awesome: hot, really funny, cute, hot body, awesome actor,
    hot, the best hair, hot lol and hes soo totally perfect!! and I'd like tah say that he's not in
    enough movies and shows!! c'mon peoplez hes an awesome and hott actor!!
  • He can play a hobbit or he can play a drug addicted rocker trying to make a comeback and still be cute.

    He has such talent as an actor and was so glad when Lost came out and he was playing one of the characters. Lost is such a great show and the actors are good and I'm glad the Dominic Monaghan is there so he can get the credit he deserves as an actor. I hope we start to see more of him in the world of movies and stuff because I'm sure any movie with him in it will be a good one. I love the band Driveshaft and I am eagerly awaiting there new CD with the song, "And the monster ate the co-pilot." Let me finish my rambling with these lyrics, "You all everybody. You all everybody."
  • wow, if somebody asked me who my favourite lost character was, it would be Charlie, by far. There's just something about him, that makes you scream when you think he's about to die! I absolutely LOVE dominic, in LOTR and as the recovering drugee falling f

    As a hobbit in the lord of the rings, I think Dom plays the part perfectely. There couldn't be a more different part then the one he was chosen to play in lost, yet he made it word PERFECTELY. He survived dying the most, and has also dealt with withdraw from his drugs, which as we find out in the last episode, he may go back to. I can't wait to see him in the next season, and what will happen with him and claire, and if he acctually will go back to drugs. Dominic was definetely my favourite hobbit in the lord of the rings, and he's also my favourite character in Lost. Imagine that! (Please, cast him in as many shows as possible!!)
  • What a Hottie. He should so have his own show. I love him on lost he portrays Charlie PERFECT.

    Dom is a total hottie but he seems a little silly sometimes. I love Lost especially when they show his story. I love Dom but hes not my fav guy but he's second on the list. Dom was the perfect guy to play Charlie he really plays the paart well.

    he rocks on lord of the rings and lost i only saw lord of the ringscaz i heard he was in it lol YAY he didnt die on lost when he got hung lol he is sooo gorge !!!!
    his blonde hair hiss lovley eyes and huis cute voice im going all dreamy !!! (major crush on him)
    lol i love him soo much !! im his biggest fan
    love xxxx yaz
  • Dominic Monaghan

    He's really insane awsome !!! In Lost he plays so good !!! Really insane. And he got that cute boys charming stuff over him, he really is HOT !!! I hope he will make a lot more movies, shows, ... because he's gonna be one of tha best all-time !!! :) Really love this guy !!!And he got's a great style of dressing himslef !!! Auwwwtshjjj...
  • This guy deserves way more credit

    Dominic is a very talented man, and he deserves more appeal than what he gets. I loved him in Lord of the Rings! He does great work in Lost also, ad he isn't getting as much attention as he should be getting. I love Dominic, and I know he will prosper sometime soon!
  • A former hobbit whose got 'lost'!

    Monaghan started off in a grannie mystery show, Hetty Wainthrop Investigates.
    He went on to bigger and better things, LOTRs, as one of the four hobbits. To be honest I should think most people believed this was his debut, as the before mentioned show weren't much cop.
    He's now appearing in the new international smash hit tv show, lost. Although his character in this show seems nothing more than a whiner.
    I preferred him as the funny hobbit with his comedy partner merry, rather than this supposed Brit rock star. Which the story strangely resembles the relationship of the Oasis, Gallagher brothers.
    I reckon his best market is comedy, he doesn't seem to have much of a dramatic presence or features. His character in lost isn't a stereotypical british guy, which is refreshing, but more to do with the clever and original writing than the actor.
  • Dom is under used in Lost

    Dom isn't used to his full potential on the show. The writers editied the character of Charlie to bring him in and don't use him properly. Dom has a huge following of fans from LOTR, some people only heard about Lost because of him. Dom should be used more on the show, he bring humour and can also do drama too.
  • he is the best actor from lost hes sexy funny and dont you think he has the most gorgeous smile?

    hey is very fit! i wouldnt mind goin out with him x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
  • "Dom's so cute!!"

    Yeah, I'm all for Dominic Monaghan! He's cute, he's rebellious and stubborn, he's cute, he's funny, he plays different characters well, and did I mention he's cute? I'd have to say that he plays a much better Charlie than Merry, though he fits the role of a hobbit well. And that wig he had to wear? It's just BAD!! (Cute but when I think of Charlie with that wig......*shudder, twitch, spaz.....*) His shortness makes him cute too. (He gives hope to us vertically deprived He's actually the second shortest person on the island...second only to Claire and not including Walt. He's shorter than Evangeline Lilly, who's he's dating!! Thinking about him makes me want to watch Lost right now. When I get the dvd, the first 2 episodes I'm watching are gonna be The Moth and Homecoming. And of course we all know that Charlie's upcoming episode Fire and Water is gonna be GREAT! (Though he's gonna be on the point of self-destruction....)
  • There are no words to decribe how hot Dominic Monaghan really is.

    This guy has it all. He's talented, funny, charming and did I mention good looking? He plays my favorite character on my favorite show. Lost would not be the same with out Dominic Monaghan. His voice, demenor and comedic style makes him a great actor. He totally deserves his own show. He would be a good main character or best friend of the main character. I think he would work well on a Pirates of the Carribean move. Imangine having Johnny Depp, Orlamdo Bloom and Dominic Monaghan in one film. There would be a never ending line of screaming teen girls (including me) at the door. All the pictures I see him in he is wearing black, white or grey. He needs to add some color like green, tan or maroon. One thing is for sure, Dominic Monaghan will go far in this business.
  • love him

    Charlie is my Favorite LOST charecter, and Dom is a great person to protray him, I first knew who he was because of the Lord of the Rings movies, and loved his accent, When LOST came on I watched the first episode mainly because Dom was on it, glad for that casting, as LOST is now in my top ten.Dom is cute funny and a good actor enjoy him every week
  • WOW.... what a great actor.

    Dominic Moraghan is great starting from the Lord of the Rings where he was so great at actting like a hobbit. Now, that he is a star on Lost he's showing the world that he can do alot. Now, that he's showing that he can play the part of a drug addict hes doing great and i hope he actor for a long time to come.
  • The best and loveliest human in the world of acting.

    I have been a huge fan of his since he was in Hetty, i have been a big fan ever since and always will be.
    He is just a lovely down to earth person who loves life and everything in it.
    He shares alot of likes with me, which includes music (The beatles etc) Wildlife, Nature, Movies and more.
    I'm sure once Lost is finished there will be plenty of opportunity for him to do other things, his talent will just grow better and better and i will always be watching everything he does.
    Dominic is just the best and i love him.
  • I adore him.

    This guy is such a great actor. Plus he is also hot and sexy, but that is just a plus. He is a very talented man. He was wonderful in Lord Of The Rings and he is amazing on Lost. He is so funny and he makes you feel for Charlie when he is on screen. The writers do not use him enough like they should. Dominic Monaghan can do a good bit and it seems like he is overshadowed sometimes on Lost. Hopefully in episodes to come they will use him more. I know he can do alot because I have seen it.
  • a very talented actor!

    to start with, i didn't like him in lord of the rings but i didn't like any of the hobbits too much, so maybe it only just had to do with the character he was playing and not with dominic monaghan himself. so i didn't expect too much of him when i saw, that he was going to be in "lost".

    i was completely mistaken!

    he's a wonderful actor. he makes charlie one of the most interesting characters in lost. he does a great job in showing all the different facets of his character in a very believable way. he is very sweet at times (especially when it comes to claire and the baby), then again incredibly witty (sometimes garcia's hurley and monaghan's charlie really remind me of laurel and hardy) but he also manages to show the dark side of charlie and still never makes him lose the viewers sympahty.

    to put it short: dear writers of lost, please give us more of him!
  • He's got it all.

    Dominic has just got it all! He's HILARIOUS (with co-stars and without), and he's gorgeous. Most importantly, he can ACT, and not just one type of person. He can go from being a cheery hobbit [Lord of the Rings], to a heroine-addicted musician, stranded on a strange island [Lost].

    Dominic is definetly an actor to keep an eye on in the future, because he's going to be going places. Next time 'Lost' is on TV, or a Lord of the Rings movie is playing on TV some lazy Saturday afternoon, watch it, and you'll see how great this guy really is.
  • Hot as hell!!

    He is hot as hell! Im in love with him. He is so cute. I wish they would just show him more in Lost. Ive never seen Lord of the Rings but I bet he was fanominal in it! I love Dominic 4ever and always. Im in love with you Dominic. Youre so fine, and any girl would even be lucky to know you.
  • I love Dom!

    Dominic Monaghan is such a great actor!

    I loved him in Lord of the rings, hes my favorite character! When LOST first started, I only watced it because he was on the show! Now I'm completely hooked and cant go a week without watching it! Anyway, I think Dominic is so adorable!!! I'll watch anything if hes in it! Hes definitely one of my favorite actors! Personally, I dont think Lost gives him enough screen time, But when he is on screen, I'm LOVING it!! My favorite character he has ever played is Merry from LOTR. He played that part so great. I think he is so talented and I cant wait to see what he'll do next!
  • Yahoo

    Dominic is my second favorite character on LOST. I think I must have been the only person who didn't know he was on Lord of the Rings, I might actually have to rent those so I can see him. I knew he was on some British mystery show but nver Lord of the Rings. Anyways if he or Hurley dies I think LOST would lose a ton of veiwers becuase they are really popular. Dominic is underused on LOST and should be evn more involved in the show even though people already say he's way too inolved already but I don't care there needs to be more Charlie on LOST.
  • Charlie from 'Lost'

    Although, he acted in 'LOTR' (Lord Of The Rings), a famous trilogy by Tolkin, Dominic is also well-known for his role from 'Lost', where he played Charlie, a former junky. He looks pretty ok and it seems that he can act very fine. He is also in a relationship with his paartner form 'Lost' Evangeline Lilly. They're a cute couple!!!
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