Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell


2/17/1970, Merseyside, England, UK

Birth Name

Dominic Haakon Myrtvedt Purcell



Also Known As

Domenic Purcell
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Dominic was born in England but moved to Australia at the age of two with his Norweigan father and Irish mother. He left high-school to form a land-scaping business with some friends, and also spent a little time surfing. When he got tired of his job as a…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Dominic is the oldest of five children. His sibling's names are Damian Purcell, Jaime Purcell, Patrick Purcell and Marie-Therese Purcell. Dominic has a Norwegian father and an Irish mother.

    • In November 2007 Dominic separated from his wife Rebecca Williamson. The split was amicable and the couple remain friends. They have four children together - Joe, Audrey, and twins Lily and Gus.

    • Dominic was one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive, 2006. He was named "Sexiest Dad".

    • In 2000, Dominic won a green card lottery which allowed him to live & work in America.

    • While working as a landscaper, Dominic attempted to gain entrance into the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), but was rejected and asked to return the following year.

    • Dominic studied at The Australian Theatre for Young People.

    • Dominic loves the outdoors, the beach, the surf and the sun, after settling in Bondi, New South Wales after leaving the UK.

    • In 1994, after questioning his dedication to acting, Dominic decided to defer his studies for a year, before graduating from WAAPA in 1996.

    • Dominic did all of his sword stuntwork against Blade in the movie Blade Trinity.

    • Dominic was a classmate of Hugh Jackman at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts. Dominic graduated in 1996.

    • Dominic filmed in Joliet Prison for the FOX TV show Prison Break. He spent many hours in the notorious John Wayne Gacy's old cell.

    • Dominic left high school to form a landscape gardening venture with some friends. His pre-acting stints also included surfing.

    • Dominic is 6'1" (186 cm) tall.

    • Dominic was going to play Cleric Preston in the movie Equilibrium, but the studio did not want to trust such a big role to an actor who was (at that time) unknown. Dominic does however appear as the leader of the resistance who is shot, right at the start of the film.

  • Quotes

    • Dominic: (On his kids' nickname for him) They call me Fathead. When I lost my hair, I became Stupid Daddy Fathead.

    • Dominic: (On his biggest weakness) I am always spoiling my kids. I can't help it. For the girls, it's dresses. I usually get my sons surf stuff...It's all them and only them. I'm devoted. I'm their slave.

    • Dominic: (on Joliet Prison) It's a very depressing, dark place, ... And the walls are just stained with sadness.

    • Dominic: You have to believe in hope, not only from an acting point of view but also from an audience perspective.

    • Dominic: (on getting the role in Prison Break) I was shocked, surprised and overjoyed and couldn't believe it when I got the part. Within a week that feeling turned into terror. I knew I had to pull it off. I had to make it work.

    • Dominic: I'm not into the techno funk thing. I like to sing along in the shower and not be overwhelmed by the noise. I love classical music and the bag pipes. I'm a bit of a dag, really.

    • Dominic: (on first studying acting) All I did was shout and scream. The instincts were there. I just didn't understand them. First and second year were a bit of a struggle.

    • Dominic: (being mistaken for a criminal in July 2006) This lady behind the counter started screaming like someone was robbing her. Before I knew it, two security guards came from nowhere and pinned me and dragged me, saying 'What's going on?' They eventually recognised me and asked for photos!.

    • Domenic: I was speaking American all day and then I'd get home and speak Australian. I just felt exhausted by going back and forth that I decided to speak it all the time. Now I just speak American.

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    He lives his characters, he is one very fine actor and has proven it over the time. I discovered him in Prison Break, googled his name and found about John Doe, Primeval and Blade. Dominic Purcell is really impressive in all the roles he did. I only wish he gets more movies so we can enjoy more of his excellent acting. Way to go..Cheers..
  • Dominic is a great actor... some people are just too incompitant to realize that. He is far from ugly! He is drop dead gorgeous and was voted sexiest dad in 2006.moreless

    Dominic is amzing in blade trinity , amazing in John Doe, amazing in prison break, and amazing in primeval. He is very talented and sexy. He dropped out of highschool, later on pursued an acting career, is a father of four and and is still a sexy talented actor. I admire him and gave a huge crush on him. Hes got a great in shape body and he looks sexy with or without hair. I even think he looks better without the hair. Theres nothing sexier about an Aussie and one from England.. woooooo! As an actor in prison break his character is supposed to be very serious and his face looks gorgeous like that!moreless