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Dominick Dunne


Hartford, Connecticut

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In the 1960's, Dominick Dunne was a Hollywood television producer, avid party goer (and giver) and well known 'name dropper'. He was married, the father of three children and on top of the world!

In 1979, Dominick Dunne was a failed Hollywood producer with a failed marriage.…more


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    • Turned to journalism about law, when his daughter, actress Dominique Dunne was murdered. His daughters killing was unjustified in court, and angered him fiercely. He soon turned to writing about crime, and the justice system.

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  • With so many things in life, both good and bad, Dominick Dunne stands today, as one of the best writers in history. His words sink into the psych, and leave readers with photos.moreless

    As a writer, Dominick Dunne is such a well detailed man. He writes about crime, and the court system. He is a strong man, and also a very emotional man. He has been through thick and thin, as his life fell apart in the seventies, and deteriorated into shattered frames in the early eighties. He had a failed marriage, an alcohal problem, and his wonderful daughter was mudered. Even more, the killer of his child was sent free after only three years. It was when this injustice ripped his life apart, that he began to write. I like this man because he is very articulate and strong, and emotional. He has held my attention for years now, and I enjoy his contributions he has made to the world. I like his sense of justification and power. He is still very strong, and I will always respect him.moreless