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    • Dominique: (on her birthplace, Sweden) I remember some things about it, like an amusement park I used to go to, and that it was always light out when I went to bed. And, oh yes, I remember it could get a little chilly

    • Dominique: Laughter is next to heaven. The key to my heart is making me laugh... but the things I find funny are not usually what everyone else thinks are funny.

    • Dominique: My mother was killed when I was very young. My dad took it upon himself and said, 'I'm going to raise her. 'You don't hear a lot of stories about a single father raising a daughter, and I think he did a great job. I didn't realize until later in life how hard it must have been for him.

    • Dominique: I was surrounded by artists, actors, musicians. When I was very young, I was surrounded by jazz musicians. Even now I fall asleep when I listen to jazz. It's really relaxing. I've gone to hear Dad's friends, and I've actually, as an adult, been asleep in the front row.

    • Dominique: (on "Sunset Beach") I feel very privileged to be working with my cast, and I feel that Aaron Spelling is a genius and a very generous man. It would be nice to see the 500,000th episode!