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    • Dominique Moceanu: I have a great relationship with my parents now. Yeah, there were tough times for a little while, but it's great now. It's unfortunate that my life was in the public eye. I didn't realize how many people felt like they had the power to peek into my life and say bad things about me and my family at the time. But I know now that we're strong enough to beat that, we're strong enough to overcome anything. We're actually closer because of all that now because it didn't break us. We were able to prevail and persevere and make it, and we're OK now. I was just a kid. This issue was between my father and I, and a lot of people couldn't understand what was going on and wanted to make it a huge story. It was a personal thing that got blown out of proportion. I guess that's the price you have to pay when you're in the spotlight. But people have no idea how many nights of tears there were over that and how hard it was on us.