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    • Dominique Moceanu: (when asked why she sung the Karolyis' praises in her 1995 autobiography, then turned on them several years later) At fourteen years old, what else could I say about the Karolyis? I was never allowed to speak out, for fear of punishment. A common question is, "Why didn't you just leave if it was so bad?" and while that seems logical, bear in mind that the Olympics were literally weeks away when things were at their worst, and my entire family had moved to Houston in hopes of seeing me reach my goal. Needless to say, it wouldn't have been easy to leave. When you're in it, you're engrossed with the task at hand, and you lose sight of the big picture...quite simply, I didn't know that training and treatment could be conducted in another manner. I just thought, "This is how it has to be." I'm wiser now.