Domiziano Arcangeli





6/10/1968 , Venice, Italy

Birth Name




Arcangeli, was discovered in 1979 by famed photographer Helmut Newton, who eventually, photographed the young new face, in many exclusive photo shoots (inMontecarloandBerlin), that gained controversy, for the young age of the model, but, made the covers of many popular publications worldwide, establishing Arcangeli, as a very interesting personality, and model, throughout the 1980s.He began his acting career in 1980 in the Italian-Japanese romantic drama Eden no sono.He has acted in over 100 films(among others: "The Good Soldier" directed by Franco Brusati in 1982,playing an ambiguous boy, raised by a very bizarre aunt, in 1984's he played the title role, in the Venice Film Festival's Special Jury Prize's winner Film "The Boy from Ebalus", a sensitive, personal drama about drug use and terrorism,acting opposite Teresa Ann Savoy and John Moulder Brown,in 1988,he was in the epic "Francesco" directed by acclaimed director Liliana Cavani, and, starring Mickey Rourke and Helena Bonham Carter,then,in 1989, he appeared in cult director Lucio Fulci's nazi exploitation extravaganza's Sodoma's Ghost,followed by Tinto Brass blockbuster's "Paprika" in 1991.More recently, Arcangeli was seen,thanks to a quite drastic change of casting, as the memorable, psychotic villain, Nathan Flesher, in the Grindhouse c's, extremely violent film, that was also worldwide Awarded,co-starring Amanda Plummer, and, directed, in 2009, by Japanese director, Kurando Mitsutake:"Samurai Avenger:The Blind Wolf", a true gem, rich of a wild narrative plot, that plays and mixes with irony, most exploitation's genres, like brutal action, and, martial arts, spaghetti western ,and, zombies elements,and, furthermore, after a long, very controversial Film Festivals run, on February 21, 2012, has officially opened, uncut ,and, unrated, in the United States, and, through Elite International Distribution,the visionary, mystery drama "House of Flesh Mannequins". This fascinating ,and, haunting, horrific, disturbing Film, was directed by Italian "extreme" director and artist, Domiziano Cristopharo,who's worked with Arcangeli, on one of the most profane, expressionistic ,and, experimental film experiences ever, giving at the same time, to its actor, the chance to deliver, with freedom, a very discussed performance (as the mentally sick loner Sebastian,an ex abused child, who repeats his tragic life pattern, by working for a dark underworld of snuff filmmakers,even involved, with the worst of the crimes, child pornography). Arcangeli has also been a traditionally trained actor: in fact he's been working in Stage Plays, since he was about 15, and, has worked with many important international directors ,and, notable authors like Giuseppe Patroni-Griffi (in the famous comedy of manners "The lovers of the lovers of my lovers are all my lovers", also written by Patroni-Griffi, which opened at the Argentina Theater in Rome 1982/1983, and, later, in "T.S. Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral", which also opened in Rome, to follow on a Tour between 1985/1986),and, with many more like, Orazio Costa, Aldo Trionfo, Giancarlo Sepe, Rita Tamburi, Hossein Taheri,and, also with the great Lev Dodin. In the United States, he's still appeared, every so often, in a few off Broadway, or Underground stage productions, such as, "Tea and Sympathy", directed by Jonathan Miller, in 1998, and, more recently, even in 2 musicals "Buddha" and "Jesus: A Folk Opera" written and directed by Peter Schneider and Anya Liffey in 2004/2005, which were both presented at the Malibu Theater,in California.In 2002 was cast as Popo for the Luxembourg/UK/Showtime Networks drama television series "Zalman King's ChromiumBlue".His first American role earned in the Fabien Pruvot's drama, Sin's Kitchen, in 2004, where he played, opposite Jeffrey Wright, the twisted rich boy Carlton, a role that allowed Arcangeli to start quite an impressive transition into more adult, complicated, sometimes tougher characterizations, which have became even more layered ,and, insightful, in his later film roles, often granting to the actor, the chance to express a truly diverse range, using, at times, even rather radical changes of look: he is considered, today, ideal casting, for tormented villains, or stronger antagonists.In fact, Arcangeli has starred, very effectively, in both, the Science-Fiction thriller film, The Ghostmaker,as Marcus, the lead villain, and, as an enigmatic android, named Jerron, in the slick, futuristic outbreak/action featureVirus X(2011),acting, this time, among others, right opposite another Cult Star, iconic dark lady and vamp of 1970's/1980's fame, Sybil Danning, who made with this role,perfectly tailored for her, an official come back, perfectly suiting her image and pleasing her Fans. Also, the movie was produced by Arcangeli, through his new Production Company,Empire Films Inc.,and released by Sam Raimi's Company, Grindstone Entertainment, through Lions Gate. Almost immediately right after, Domiziano, moved on, with another dramatic protagonist, completely changing again his appearance on screen, by playing, this time, another very different character, the handsome Samuel, a human who gets made into an immortal and brave vampire, in the Gothic romantic drama,The Brides of Sodom,to be released in 2013, by Media-Blasters,also executive produced by Arcangeli'sEmpire Films Inc..Almost like following a same path of, Chameleon-like transformations, Arcangeli's been very active in a diverse variety of starring roles, between 2011 and 2012, portraying very different people, like, the unpredictable, and tough, Larry, in Ivan Zuccon's international supernatural thriller,Wrath of the Crows, playing opposite, actress Tiffany Shepis,or bringing life to Aldo, a disturbed, heart broken, and touching romantic, in, actor/writer/director Matt Riddlehoover's new and daring, bittersweet comedy, Arcangeli also executive produced, calledScenes from a Gay Marriage,laced with a pungent Woody Allen's type of dialogue and Arcangeli has followed up, with the depiction of a seemingly quiet, yet, very complex man, Bob, in Sundance Film Festival's celebrated Best Director winner ("The Natural History of Parking Lots", Everett Lewis's, new romantic drama, that takes place among the dynamic, wild crowd, populating the alternative, and, colorfully creative, new scene ofDowntown L.A.'s Arts&Fashion District: the movie, expected to hit the Film Festivals Circuit, before the Theaters, it is called "Territory".And, just to name another one, among many more different turns, he's appeared also, as a cruel, and, sexy gangster, 'Chaka', in the second season of the much hyped TV SeriesFemme Fatales,aired on the cable network,Cinemax. The Actor, while often performing in very diverse films or characterizations, such as, a sexy cameo in the funny comedy and satire, Universal's release "Brüno", directed, by Larry Charles, and, starring Sacha Baron Cohen,funded his own Production Company in 2009,and, has been producing movies actively, ever since,becoming indeed quite a brave independent Film Producer: the Company's last feature to date, is an Horror comedy, co-produced withTLA Releasing, calledWaiting for Dracula,which Arcangeli, co-wrote, marking, here, as well, his own directorial debut. It has been widely announced, that Arcangeli has been signed to star in the challenging, raw, but, c Gothic romantic drama, telling the story of two brothers,'cursed by Destiny', separated soon after birth, by a mysterious and brutal World traveling Carnival, in the first American, bigger budgeted, motion picture by famed Australian director and author, Mark Savage, to be called "Circus of Dread",and, expected to be released in late 2013. This film will also officially pair the actor with another very well known, cult character and fellow thespian, Bill Oberst,jr. The two colleagues were in fact just in the same casting list of another Horror feature directed by Michael Emanuel, also starring, Disney Channel's TV star, Corbin Bleu, the thrilling "Scary or Die"(2012),however, in the latter, they did not share the screen together!Arcangeli is now in pre-production with an extremely visual and ambitious drama called "Gotterdammerung"(2013)and has just wrapped work on the psychological horror "Creep Creepersin's Dracula"(2013),opposite Peter Stickles, Elina Madison, Elissa Dowling and Bruce L. Hart, an unusual re-interpretation of the c story, here, taking place in an extremely modern,slick and cold world of wealth, perpetrated by deceit, crisis, and a deep lack of ideals and morals: this project is already getting main attention, since it is expected to become quite a sensation in the Film Festivals circuit, becoming for Creepersin, a real attempt to leave behind a certain genre cinema, while stepping up to a more profound and c director "status".Arcangeli is now working on yet another visual Horror comedy "Vampire Club 3D", directed by the experienced Dennis Devine, and expected to open also next year, featuring a full cast of cult actors.And, while he is also to be seen in 2 very light TV movies, one to be airing on the Comedy Central Channel, called "Meet the Moguls"(also in the official Competition of the Festival "Action on Films"),another to be airing on Cinemax, a brilliant and wild spoof of "Barbarella", ironically titled "Alien Babes in Heat"(2013),the actor will be seen in more serious roles, as well, like in the complex, and, visionary Paul Hough's "The Human Race"(2012),presented with success, at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal,and, in the art film "Woggie"(2012),a poetic ,and, bitter sweet comedy, about Hollywood's broken dreams. Despite all the current activity, Domiziano Arcangeli, and, Empire Films inc., are now developing a few higher profile, artistic Projects, that will be soon announced.Earlier in 2013, Arcangeli has co-executive produced, along with Empire Film's new business partner, Aaron Benore,and, Jake Barsha of Right Hook Films,Eric Ragan,and, the same creator of the script, Awards winning writer and actor, Robert Paul Taylor, the mini-TV series "The Bathroom Diaries" (2013),an extremely realistic, shocking, thrilling piece about the erratic, mysterious chronicles of a modern LA drug dealer, and, his clients: Arcangeli plays, Snake, an ex child star, doomed by loneliness,and, severely abusing hard narcotics, who's fading quickly in a deadly, morbid down spiral, which will yet reveal an unexpected, controversial turn, at the end. This project features great performers, and, Jake Barsha's always personal and stylish vision ("Eugene", 2009),and, a very unique, harsh and poetic description of one of the many undeniable faces of urban Los Angeles, today, also inspired by a successful novel, from screen writer, actor Robert Paul Taylor, called "Paris in Flames".At the beginning of 2013, the actor is working already in 2 new feature films: another dark comedy,"Fork You", directed by Creep Creepersin,playing mercurial Major Peter Spooner,and, in a high profile new crime thriller, from Voltage Pictures, called tentatively "Absent Guard", also known as "Rush",in the role of a mysterious gangster, Madsen,a gritty and dark story directed by Giorgio Serafini, and, with an excellent cast.