Don Adams

Don Adams


4/13/1923, New York, New York USA



Birth Name

Donald James Yarmy


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Born in a multicultural New York City neighborhood, comedian Don Adams joined the Marines upon the outbreak of World War II. After Guadalcanal, Adams saw little action due to a life-threatening bout of blackwater fever (malaria) that kept him out of commission until the end of the war.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Would you believe?

    Don Adams


    My ninth grade drama class attended a city drama festival where we competed against drama classes from all over the city. The highlight of the festival was a special guest who came on stage to read the name of winning team in the "Group Improvisation" competition. The special guest was Don Adams who was greeted with a standing ovation that lasted for five minutes. When the crowd quieted down Mr. Adams said three simple words, "Would you believe?" and the crowd went into another five-minute standing ovation.

    I was a fan of Mr. Adams before that special event and an even bigger fan after. Everyone has been expressing how much he or she loved "Get Smart", "Tennessee Tuxedo" and "Inspector Gadget", but no one has mentioned one of my favorite shows Don Adams' Screen Test.

    Good Night Mr. Adams.

    I wanted to shake your hand that day but I missed you by that much.

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroamoreless
  • He was great as Maxwell Smart.

    He in the series 'Maxwell Smart' played a bumbling spy. He lived in a house that was filled with gadgets. That if he pressed the wrong button would do something very funny. He drove around in convertibles. When he went to his office he would go inside a phone booth as shown in the opening sequence. He fell in love with his co-star Barbara Felden and ruined the wedding. One of my favorite episodes was the birth of the babies. He was fighting the bad guys right in the middle of the hospital. When the doctor would come out and announce one was born he would stop mid fight and shake hands and give out cigars. It was a great show. He played Maxwell Smart to perfection.moreless