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  • Good actor.

    I have to say that Don Cheadle is a good actor. I have seen a few of his movies, but I must say that he has made the movies that much better with his ability to create drama and comedy at will. Perhaps I have not seen as many movies as other people, but I will say that he has been good in all the ones I have seen. My favorite Don Cheadle movie had to be Hotel Rwanda. He was very convincing and made a good impression in it. Overall, he is a good actor and very talented. Thank you.
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    I will remember this guy for his NFL commercials first! I really think the Reign Over Me movie was perfect for him. I gotta say I don't remember him in Colors, but definitely do in Mission to Mars. I don't enjoy the Ocean's series, but am aware that I am a minority there. This guy does the dry humor. He comes across as a very intense person most of the time. I see him being a diverse actor.