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    • Don Cheadle: Well I had said, 'Absolutely' before they said, 'We want you to play this guy' When I first met with Terry, he basically said, 'I would love for you to play this part. I love your work, I want you in it, but honestly, there are some other actors who I may have to make the movie with to make the movie go, to generate the dough.' He had been trying to make it for three to five years, something like that. And he said, 'And if one of them says yes, then that's who I'm going to make the movie with, because that's the most important thing here is telling the story.' I was in agreement. I said, 'I hope that it comes to me? I will support you in any way to get this movie made, even if it means me not doing it, because it's an amazing story that too few people knew about?' That's what I like about Terry. He's just a straight shooter. His passion for the piece was clear.