Don Cherry

Don Cherry


2/5/1934, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Donald S. Cherry



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During his earlier years, Don Cherry played hockey and eventually became a coach. When he got too old for the coaching job, he landed a deal with CBC to do a piece called Coach's Corner, a five-minute talk between periods of hockey games about the game currently being…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Don Cherry. Two words that pretty much sum up the last 26 years of Hockey Night in Canada.

    He appears every Saturday night and every 2nd night in the playoffs on his own segment called Coach's Corner. I remember way back watching Coach's Corner on Hockey Night in Canada every Saturday night with my Dad and Grandpa and I will never forget those great memories. Hockey Night in Canada without Don Cherry would not be the same. Don Cherry IS Hockey Night in Canada. Although he can be a bit biased towards the Toronto Maple Leafs, he still knows what he's talking about involving the great game of Hockey. When Don Cherry retires from Hockey Night in Canada, I hope they get someone like The Coach!moreless
  • A legend. A TRUE Canadian.

    Don Cherry is definetly one of the all-time canadian greats. He has a passion for hockey and loves it to death. He has some great comments and can be seen live on Hockey Night in Canada between the first and second periods. I love how he hounds the Europeans for being too soft and that Canadians are hardcore. He always wears a different suit each time he's on air and these suits are always unique. His Rock 'em sock 'em videos are awesome and he's definetly got some of the better quotes out there. Even though he never truly played in the NHL, he knows a lot more about hockey than the idiots on sportscenter or ESPN.moreless