Don Diamond





6/4/1921 , Brooklyn, New York

Birth Name




Don Diamond was born on June 4th, 1921 in Brooklyn, New York. His father was Russian-born, a veteran of the United States Army in World War One, and his mother was born in New Jersey. From the years of 1938 to 1942 he studied drama at the University of Michigan, where he took on many jobs in order to pay for his studies. He finally graduated with a Bachelor's Degree. After joining the Air Corps, he learned Spanish while serving in the southwest, and also learned about the Mexican culture. After honorably leaving the army in 1946 as a first lieutenant, he broke into the radio game and became known for his portrayal of Mexicans. This led to his role in "The Adventures of Kit Carson" as Carson's sidekick, El Toro. He later became well known as Corporal Reyes on the television show Zorro. He went on to appear in over 100 television shows, as well as many full length feature films, most notably as Crazy Cat on F Troop. Don is married to a Spanish Teacher, Louisa, who is from Mexico. He also has a daughter, Roxanne.