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Don Grady

Forums: Don Grady Board: Passed away today June 27, 2012

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    [1]Jun 28, 2012
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    Don Grady, a Mouseketeer on The Mickey Mouse Club who played son Robbie Douglas on the ABC and CBS series My Three Sons, one of the longest-running family sitcoms in history, died Wednesday of cancer in Thousand Oaks, Calif. He was 68.

    At times like this I find myself not onlyfeeling sadness for the lost of people I grew up withbut did not know but also thinking more about my lost to timechildhood. I am at the age where it seems weekly someone frommy childhood has passed away. It is a sign that formany of usour time on theEarth is getting shorter. Yes none of us know when we are going but we can count the years we have been on this Earth and see those around us who are no longer with us and tell. Don't waste them. Now is the time to ensure the time after your Earthly death. May the love of Christ find you all. God Bless.

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