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  • He'll always be remembered.

    Don Knotts is a really great actor. He first started as Minor charecters like the shoe shiner in Move Over Darling. The he became Barney fife on Andy Griffith. The in 1965 he quit the Andy Griffith show to be in movies. He played in Mr. Limpet, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The reluntant Astronaut, The Love God, The Shakiest Gun in the West, No Deposit No return, Gus, and How to Frame a Figg in which he created. He also starred in 3's Company and geust starred in Matlock one of andy Griffith's shows. He also starred in the Apple Dumpling Game, and the sequel to it. He also played with Tim Conway in Pleasantville. Don Knotts got older and did less acting. He then played Turkey Lurkey in Chicken Little. That was his last movie. And then in 2006 he died in a hospital on Febuary 25. He was one of the greatest actors of our time. He will become a legend someday and he is right now. He will be remembered for a long time and his movies will be laughed at for many generations to come. If you have seen the Andy griffith Show and liked his promermance and haven't seen his movies take my advice and watch the movies I referenced in this review. You will like every movie in this review gurenteed. Well Thanks for Reading my review and as I said, "Don Knotts will always be remembered, and his movies will be laughed at for many generations" Rest In Peace Jesse Donald Knotts.