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  • wish he was still around

    miss him on Stargate Wish he was still around, hope to see him on a few special appaerences this season, I have seen him a few others times, in other things Atomc Train etc, good actor, hope he gets more screen time somewhere this year, plus he is from very near to where I live
  • Always seemed to play military men with a conscience and a heart and it sounds like he was playing to type - a good guy in fact and fiction.

    The scene in the X-Files ep "One Breath" where his character comes to Scully while she's in her coma and tells her how much she meant to her - it already made me cry and now I'm not sure I can watch it without totally losing the plot emotionally. He was in 3 of my favourite Sci-Fi shows - and my two all-time favourites, X-Files and the brilliant Twin Peaks. I always got the feeling that he was the same honourable guy in real life that he played in these shows and his obits seem to bear this out. He'll be much missed.