Don Stroud





9/1/1943 , Honolulu, Hawaii

Birth Name

Donald Lee Stroud




Don Stroud is an American surfer and actor whose career includes over 250 film and television roles. Born on September 1, 1943, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Stroud was an avid teenage surfer, that was recruited as a stunt double for ABC's "Hawaiian Eye" and immediately fell in love with the industry. He headed to Hollywood, where he evolved into a strong character actor. Throughout his career, he has co-starred with Clint Eastwood twice, co-starred in "The Buddy Holly Story," played a James Bond villain in "Licence to Kill," and starred in four TV series, most recently "Hawaii Five-O." In 2006, Stroud worked as an associate producer on the TV series "Good Morning Hawaii." While co-starring in "Von Richthofen and Brown," Stroud took flying lessons in replica aircraft from World War one to make footage more realistic; on one such lesson, a large bird struck the instructor and knocked him unconscious. Although the plane plunged into a lake, the men survived relatively unscathed.