Donald Elson

Donald Elson


3/31/1923, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Don Elson
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Donald was raised in the Los Angeles suburb of Inglewood, just a 'hoop and a holler' from Hollywood. After serving in the Air Force during WWII, he attended the University of Southern California receiving a BA degree in Theatre Arts. Mr. Elson went on to become a successful…more


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  • Donald Elson play an old man who is the first passenger to relinquish his denture powder for the benefit of the investigators. (Great acting since I personally know every one of his teeth are his own!) LOLmoreless

    When I see that craggy, ernest face on television my heart skips a beat. I'm a big fan of Donald Elson, have been most of my life. I've watched him on stage, screen and TV. On Bones "Passenger in the Oven," it appears that most of Mr. Elson's scene was cut and I notice that he wasn't even afforded the courtesy of a proper character name. The name, "Old Man," really doesn't do justice to this venerable character actor (and it doesn't look great on a resume either). However, for a few brief moments, there he was... the man I love.moreless