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    • Donald Glover: Everyone's talking about bitcoins and money and stuff like that, but the real currency is time. Tina Fey told me, 'The most expensive thing to waste in the world is other people's time.' When you control other people's time, time is the essence of everything. And the reason people want money is so they can have more time. Not even just on a level of like, 'I can live longer and be healthier,' just on a level of, 'I don't have to run this errand.'

    • Donald Glover: I have an obsession with books about kids with Asperger's syndrome. I like the way they think - it suits me. The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time by Mark Haddon is great. That and [Jonathan Safran Foer's] Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close - they're on a separate bookshelf. They don't understand what the other books are saying by their facial expressions, but they're perfectly lined-up.

    • Donald Glover: (on being a writer for three seasons on 30 Rock) Tina Fey took me under her wing and really pushed me to find my own voice. Going in, I didn't really know who I was comedically, but coming out I felt far more confident.

    • Donald Glover: Most people think I'm Danny Glover's son when they meet me. So when they ask, I say 'No, I'm Crispin Glover's son.' Then we stare at each other for a long time.