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  • NCIS - Best TV Ever

    Even though I'm a filmmaker, it's hard for me to stay interested in most network TV shows. They tend to heave at you the same stuff recycled over and over and... so I usually camp out in cable land.

    However, because my wife (in addition to a client) raved about NCIS, I watched. And I was stunned! Now I'm hooked! The characters are fun and original, the writing is superb, the pace of the show has the same wonderful effect as drinking a big cup'o joe, and NCIS has a fabulous human feel about it garnished with some well-seasoned humor. And, I might add, you can never guess the outcome of the surprise twists and turns.

    There's genius all over it.

    I love what Mr. Bellisario has done with his brand over the years. My only complaint is that his animated logo with blowing sand revealing his name needs to be updated in HD!
  • Best TV Writer of the times!!

    Mr. Bellisario can write better than any others I know. I watch both NCIS and NCIS: LA. They are my favorite shows of the week, and I do not miss if possible, only time is if my son has something at school, he comes 1st.