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    • Donald Sutherland: (about the jail time his son Keifer had to endure) His sensibility is so balanced and measured and deliberate and the use that he made of his time – forty-eight days is a long time in solitary confinement, twenty-three hours a day. The only thing that he could do to get out was to do the laundry of the other inmates. He said to me last night, because I was able to put a deposit on the telephone so that he could call me collect kind of like every third day and then we'd have fourteen minutes, no more because they cut you off, to speak. You've never seen fourteen minutes go so quickly in your life, but he was saying that it was so cold in there, just freezing. Then last night he came up, and I had just landed yesterday afternoon, and he was released on Monday, and he said, "You know what, I said that it was so cold in there, but it's freezing outside!"