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  • 65% of the world don't believe the liberal hyperbole, narrative, and propaganda

    Well, a good chunk of us like facts, I know many are mindless followers. You weren't my first choice, but I grew tired of the arrogance of the left, the hypocrisy, and the nasty narrative they expect everyone else to follow, otherwise they're stupid. Uh-huh. They call you a racist, a sexist, etc. Anyone with half a brain and integrity will do quick research to find that most of that is easily debunked. What liberals don't seem to care to understand because they're biased, delusional and live in a world where they think they're better than everyone else, is that you don't care about being politically correct. This means you're blunt when you address issues such as immigration or even the informal address of people. Someone hits you, you hit back. Only sensitive buffoons think lewd jokes = sexism. Only sexists or feminists think it's wrong for you to hit back on someone (verbally, obviously) who happens to be a woman. You can insult a man and it's okay, but when you insult a woman who attacks you first, it's sexist. Makes perfect sense.

    You've said things that promote racist and sexist people to vote for you because you don't care about being PC, but I'm not so naive and irrational to think that all Trump supporters are that, or that they don't support you for substantive reasons like policies. The liberal attitude is exactly why you won, and they continue to prove why you deserved to win.
  • Heartfelt and sincere message - God bless you, President Trump, and your entire family and staff.

    We have been missing your kind of grounded, strong, kind and capable leadership for so long. Thank you President Trump.
  • Why all the uproar?

    Can't understand why all the uproar about Trump's $5 Million proposal! If someone gave me that offer (that would help charity) I would gladly hand over documents. The only reason a person wouldn't jump on this offer to help charities would be that there is something in the documents that want to hide which also would indicate information that if made public would reveal the country has been lied too!!!
  • i don't really care for him, he seems really conceited and full of himself(why? i'm not sure) but i love, love, love his show the apprentice!

    he's the type of guy that has all the brains but if you put him in the middle of a forrest by himself with a toothpick and a pocket knife, in 8 weeks you'll find him in the same place still with a toothpick and a pocket knife crying to go back to his mansion....he doesn't seem to have any man skills. they should do a show where he trades places with a much, much less fortunte person like in the sticks of Tennessee and see how he handles the "real life". that would be a laugh! he wouldn't survive a day.
  • Arrogant, rude, money-absorbed robot with a stupid haircut.

    This guy is so up himself. Without money he'd be absolutely nothing. He tries to pick a fight with everyone he doesn't agree with and believes he is far more superior because he has money... He is everything that is wrong with the business world; there is no margain of error, eveything in business has to be perfect, money and backstabbing is the most important thing in the world, if you don't have that "Your Fired!".

    People say he's really down-to-earth, I doubt it. Stop picking fights with people who are more famous than you and get a haircut. No cares about your opinion.
  • This man is a pompous, self-absorbed, braying jackass. He should have been flattered that Rosie O\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Donnell pronounced his name correctly. What a jerk!

    Nobody cares about Donald Trump except Donald Trump. People in the public eye, particularly people like Trump who seek publicity, should be a little thicker-skinned when comedians make fun of them. His nasty attacks on Rosie O\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Donnell were much more vicious than anything she said about him. He needs to get a clue. Why on earth anyone watches his TV show is beyond me.
  • So his most famous line is "You're fired!"? Why? The guy has no talent. Just money. Big whoop.

    Okay, we all know this crazy guy because of the "you're fired," but more importantly, he owns just about every casino and business in Manhattan. You either love this guy or you totally despise him. He has no life, just buying companies, stock, and earning a more loathsome name for himself. He's very easy to forget, but when good shows like Mad TV and American Dad bring his ridiculousness back to society, we all remember how mediocre and uninfluental this wanna-be to society is.
  • What in the world makes this man a good person? He's is so greedy!

    Donald Trump has to be the most greedy man in the world! He's so greedy, that he would out greed Greed! He is ruade and heartless. No wonder no one wants to stay marriaged to him. Maybe his greed gets them gonna away from him. Donald needs to be more greatful and loving to other people. His insults his ex-wives, and Martha. What did Martha do? Nothing, she just wasn't greedy and ruthless enough for him!
  • An illiterate moron.

    A rich man who is spoiled. I wish he would not be in the news or have ever been famous. He drives me crazy with his money and fame. It is stars like this that make me sick. They think only of themselves and spend too much of their money. If i were rich, i would use most of my money to help out others.
  • I would love to see Donald Trump act.

    Let's face it, Donald Trump is the Donald. No one is more Donald than him. Donald Duck isn't as Donald as Donald Trump (heck, Daffy Duck was more Donald than Donald Duck). Donald Trump is the Donald. All Donalds before and after should legally change their names before this Donald sues the pants of you.

    Donald Trump is a risk-taker. Trying to copyright the phrase "You're fired", making his own reality television show, wearing his hair like that. All risky moves. But...why hasn't he acted yet? Oh my Bob, I have lost all respect for this Donald. He hasn't even attempted to act! In fact, that whole "You're fired" copyright fiasco was all planted just to hide the fact that he can't act. Y'see, Donald's well-paid slavelabor rocket scientests told him that tsoon, peopole would be wondering why Donald hasn't tried acting, and will question his authoritah. So Donald lured them away with that by trying idiotically to copyright "You're fired." What a genius. But it didn't escape my eyes!

    Donald Trump needs to act. It's, like, the only thing he's never done. Can't you see? "That's My Trump!" would KILL in the ratings!

    "Daddy, can I drive the unreleased Escolade 2.0?"
    "Awww, Daddy!"
    "Shut up before I hit you with this brick of gold."
    "I hate you!"
    "Nothing money can't solve."

    That would be AWESOMe! Don't you agree? Donald NEEDS to act! Somebody get him a show NoW before I have to TEAr mu HEARt OUT! Listen to my mouth!!! Donald Trump needs his own comedy show!! Enough reality. No Michael Jackson show. Michael Jackson needs a comedy, too. In fact, Donald Trump and Michael Jackson should start their own comedy together!

    "Oh, Trumpy, they're trying to sue me again."
    "Don't worry. Nothing money can't solve."

    "The Jackson-Trumps" would kill in the ratings. What a great idea. Hire them now, NBC. Can't trust FOX with this hit, they might cancel it.