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Donnie McClurkin

Donnie McClurkin


tuscaloosa Alabama

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Pastor Donnie McClurkin
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  • Popular gospel musician-- with a less-than-holy message.

    It is undeniable that Donnie McClurkin's music has sold in the millions and that his songs have become staples on gospel stations across the country. What is lamentable, however, is that this comes at the expense of honesty and a tolerant attitude toward the personal identity that is a reality for tens of millions of people.

    McClurkin swears that he 'used to' be gay. In conventional understanding, there really is no 'used to' about that sort of thing.

    He is a frequent speaker on so-called 'ex-gay' issues, dealing with groups that claim to change a person's sexuality. The fact that the vast majority of reputable psychology professionals say this is impossible and in fact harmful doesn't seem to phase him. Nor will it likely affect the fundamentalist audience that pays for his music. What a shame, too--if he were involved in a compassion grounded in acceptance instead of doctrine, how much more good might he do. Prejudice is not validated by its popularity. If only somebody were willing to turn the clock *forward.*moreless