Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg


8/17/1969, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Donald Edmond Wahlberg, Jr.


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Donnie Wahlberg was the 8th child (out of 9) born to Alma and Donald. Donnie's childhood was a rough one. He grew up in a working class neighborhood near Boston (Dorchester). There were little extras to be found in such a large family. Some of Donnie's siblings turned…more


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    • Donnie Wahlberg: (Leaving town) helped me to know what it was like to come home after experiencing a new way of life--to see some people haven't changed; some people have changed for the worse; some people tell you they've changed for the better, but they haven't. So it's interesting to go away and come back, because things haven't changed so much. The trick is not to get sucked back into it.

    • Donnie Wahlberg: I'm not a huge horror fan but I like good horror movies.

    • Donnie Wahlberg: To me, I'm ten times more successful as an actor than I was as a musician. I work harder and I know my craft better. I was a superstar as a musician. I'm not a superstar now, but I'm happier.

    • Donnie Wahlberg: As an actor, I can only control what I do, but to have so much freedom and to have so much creative input, that's really very difficult to come by in network television. Worst case, I'm going into the game with a team I feel good about and they believe in me and I believe in them. And whatever happens, happens.

    • Donnie Wahlberg: I'm not a big nightclub person, so I've never had any real draw to South Beach.

    • Donnie Wahlberg: My goals were always very simple to achieve something better than the status quo that surrounded me – which was drive a truck, rob a bank or be a plumber, which isn't the worst thing. All I wanted to do was something better.

    • Donnie Wahlberg: A memory of a really good movie that stays with you is more like a music video, you remember the highlights.

    • Donnie Wahlberg: When I first told my dad I was going to join a band, he said, 'Donnie, if you change, I'm gonna kick your ass.' So I went on a mission to stay focused and entrenched in reality.

    • Donnie Wahlberg: There's too many actors who've been bustin' their butt just to have me use New Kids on the Block as a free pass to become a TV or movie star.

    • Donnie Wahlberg: (On the controversy surrounding 'The Path to 9/11') How many innocent lives were lost? Somebody made a mistake, many parts of our government made a mistake, and we can't ignore it.