Donnie Wahlberg





8/17/1969 , Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Donald Edmond Wahlberg, Jr.




Donnie Wahlberg was the 8th child (out of 9) born to Alma and Donald. Donnie's childhood was a rough one. He grew up in a working class neighborhood near Boston (Dorchester). There were little extras to be found in such a large family. Some of Donnie's siblings turned outside the law to gain power and money. Donnie opposed this.

Donnie attended the William Monroe Trotter school, where at 10, he started his first band. At 12, Donnie's life was turned upside down once again when his parents divorced. He and his brother, Marky, chose to live with his mother--while some other siblings moved in with his dad. Other siblings got married and moved away entirely. At 16, Donnie was attending Copley high school, where he formed band number 2. In high school, he was also a member of the drama club and enjoyed any type of performance (even impersonations).

During this time, a friend persuaded Donnie to audition for a singing group that was being formed by Maurice Star. Donnie got the role of musician in the band and was asked to recruit 4 other boys to fill the open slots. Originally, Donnie's brother Marky joined the band, but he dropped out because of creative differences. Eventually, Donnie and Maurice agreed on 3 other Boston natives to be in the group. The fifth spot was cast by a talent agency. This band was the basis for The New Kids on the Block. The boys did not find success all at once. It took 4 years and 2 albums before they began to gain recognition. However, suddenly they seemed to explode on the music scene. The band became the archetype for boy bands everywhere, eventually earrning number 1 records and hit songs.

While still performing with NKOTB, Donnie began working behind the music scene as well. He produced his brothers record, and he formed a production company.

Eventually, the NKOTB fad began to fade. The group lost popularity and its members outgrew its concept. In 1994, the group disbanded. Donnie continued to produce music, however he also expressed an interest in acting.

By 1996, he had won his first motion picture role, Bullet with Tupak. He continued to earn roles in movies, including Ransom and The Sixth Sense. He has continued to show an interest in music, movies, and television.

In August of 1999, Donnie married Kim Fey. Kim was the mother of Donnie's child, Xavier. The couple is still married and have another son.