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  • Donnie Wahlberg

    I love Donnie's character, but sometimes he does not act like a good cop and the way he talks to people is so disrespectful and unnecessary that it irritates me. Everyone he talks to is not guilty but he acts like they are and he sometimes thinks he is above the law. All of that aside, Donnie is a good actor and Blue Bloods is a Great Series.
  • Donnie Wahlberg

    Donnie Wahlberg is a good cop on Blue Bloods
  • Great and very talented actor!

    From all Michigan fans of the show "Blue Bloods" we wanted to say we really enjoy watching you and the whole wonderful crew, such a great positive and inspiring show, really love it! Donny Wahlberg is really cute and what a wonderful representation of male beauty, manliness and maturity plus great charm and really good acting! We wish Donnie Wahlberg all the actors huge success with the show and every other show they are in!
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  • Love him.

    Great actor. Handsome.
  • Blue bloods

    I love Donnie wahlberg on blue bloods the best actor.
  • he so good in band of brothers

    i agree with doc_roe he really should have been a bigger star. he did a phenomenal performance as carwood lipton in band of brothers. it was so great. to me he is one of my favorite. hell i just recently had a dream about him. it was a strange dream to say the least. lets just say i had a robot child with but yeah i really love him and wished he did more work whether on tv or on the big screen. i think i he had more good roles like the one he had in B.O.B he could really shine and be as famous as his brother.
  • one of my faveorite actors and portrayed characters on the miniseries

    he did an amazing job as Carwood Lipton in the miniseries Band of Brothers. In my opinion he is a better actor than his brother though i've only seen mark wahlberg in planet of the apes((unwillingly...not my type of movie))i think Donnie Wahlberg helped to connect the viewer to the charector especially in The Breaking Point which had Lipton ((Donnie Wahlberg)) narrating and it helps you connect to the characters feelings and struggles again, as i said in my Band of Brothers review, his acted very well just as the movie was accurate and so far as i kno was accurate to the character and im gratefull for him and the other Band of Brothers actors for brining the heroic characters of the men of easy company to life and definatley doin them justice. and my classification at the top of this page for Donnie definately goes for the majority of the actors in the miniseries(( if i dont review them ))