Donny Osmond





Odgen, Utah, U.S.

Birth Name

Donald Clark Osmond




Donald (Donny) Clark Osmond was born December 9, 1957 as the seventh of nine children to Olive and George Osmond. He has seven brothers and one sister.

Donny got his first taste of stardom at the age of five. He and his brothers formed a group which would be known as the Osmond Brothers. They promised to be the next Jackson Five. They did extremely well on the charts and in 1972, Donny decided to fly solo. He released mega-hits such as Puppy Love and became a major teen heartthrob.

In 1974, he teamed up with his younger sister, Marie, to co-host The Mike Douglas Show. It was such a hit that the pair was offered their own show. They have since worked together on other shows, concerts and records, as well as doing some things by themselves.

In 1978, Donny married his wife, Debra. They have five sons, Don Jr., Jeremy, Brandon, Christopher and Joshua.