Doon MacKichan





Fife, Scotland, UK

Birth Name

Doon MacKichan




Doon MacKichan was born in Fife, Scotland, UK. She started her career when she appeared on an episode of "Harry Enfield's Television Show" in 1990, making a guest appearance. She caught the eye of many industry insiders and quickly established herself as not only one of the finest young actors to appear in recent years but also a very talented writer and comedian. She continued to make guest appearances on many popular TV shows throughout the 90's on such well-loved show's like "Alan Partridge – Knowing Me Knowing You" and "Birds Of A Feather" and many others. In 1997 she also ventured into the world of film when she had a starring role in the 1997 hit film "The Borrowers"

In 1999 Doon and four other young women struck gold with their off-the-wall and innovative comedy sketch show "Smack the Pony". The show became an instant hit, constantly winning the notorious Friday night viewing figures battles against such established shows as "Have I Got News For You". The comedy show even gained respect from highbrow TV award ceremonies as "The B.A.F.T.A's" and won several awards. In early 2003, as part of Comic Relief, the BBC launched a celebrity edition of their hit programme "Fame Academy" and Doon was on hand to provide entertainment and money for the charity. She was a great success on the show, and survived several evictions before, unfortunately, being voted out before the finale. There are whisperings about a third series of "Smack the Pony" although nothing has been either confirmed of denied by Channel 4.