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  • hi i think that dorien is handsome person and that i enjoyed watching him on the parkers.also i think that he is a awesome actor and funny. ps;take care dorien shell

    dorien wilson,a awesome actor,funny,handsome as well and
    makes me laugh when he plays the professor on the parkers
    and how ninki calls her boo.i would like to see playing
    series roles as well also comedy shows as well.i just wanted
    to say is that dorien is cool and keepup the job that he is
    doing. ps;stay strong shell
  • I think he is drop dead hansome is he married?

    I think he is the best actorI would love to see more of him do he have a fan mail club what shows are he on now I think they should have a parkers reunion soon so we can see how he and ms parker is doing and if they had any kid yet and see what the rest of the crew is up to