Doris Roberts (I)

Doris Roberts (I)


11/4/1925, St. Louis, Missouri, USA



Birth Name

Doris May Green


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Multiple-award-winning actress Doris Roberts has distinguished herself with her versatility on Broadway and in numerous film and television roles. She starred on Broadway in The Death of Bessie Smith, Marathon '33, The Desk Set, Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Cheaters, The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2005, Dois won another Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series playing Marie Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond.

    • In 2002-2003, Dois won 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series playing Marie Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond.

    • Her favourite comedian is Ray Romano.

    • Her favourite movie is Gone With the Wind.

    • She says her favourite food would be a man dipped in chocolate.

    • She is active with the Children with AIDS Foundation, of which she has served as the chairwoman.

    • An animal lover and advocate, she has worked with a group called "Puppies Behind Bars" that works with inmates in training guide dogs and assistance dogs for the physically disabled and elderly, as well as dogs trained in explosives detection to be used by the ATF and other law enforcement agencies.

    • As an avid cook, she wrote a book in 2005 titled Are You Hungry, Dear? Life, Laughs, and Lasagna, written with Danelle Morton and published by St Martin's Press. She says of her book, "It's about sharing things I've learned that have changed my life."

    • On September 4, 2002, she testified before a U.S. Congressional panel that age discrimination is prevalent in Hollywood, advocating that such discrimination be treated on par with biases against race and gender.

    • Roberts' second husband was writer William Goyen, reputedly a bisexual (according to Boze Hadleigh). She was married to Goyen from 1963 until his death from leukemia on August 30, 1983 in Los Angeles, California.

    • Her first husband was Michael Cannata; they divorced in 1962. Their son, Michael Cannata, Jr. is Roberts' manager, and is the father of her three grandchildren: Kelsey, Andrew, and Devon.

    • She began appearing on Broadway in the 1950s.

    • Roberts' father deserted the family when Roberts was a child, and her mother, Ann Melzer, raised Doris on her own in Bronx, New York. Roberts has never revealed her father's name and essentially has distanced herself from him and from that part of her life.

    • Doris's son, Michael Cannata, is her manager. He has three children.

    • She lives in a home once owned by James Dean.

    • She beat out 100 other actresses for her role on Everybody Loves Raymond.

    • She was pranked on an episode of Candid Camera. Also pranked in the same episode was Ray Romano (her Everybody Loves Raymond co-star).

    • She began her book tour May 6 2003, signing copies of her book at Border's Books store at 7PM in Braintree, Massachusetts.

    • She did an interview with Good Day Live in March, 2003 and mentioned she wrote a book that would be published in May 2003.

    • She received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in February, 2003.

    • She has three grandchildren.

    • She is good friends with Jean Stapleton.

    • Doris Roberts mentioned in an interview that she enjoys playing Marie in Everybody Loves Raymond and she would do a spin-off series or another series when the show finishes if they asked her.

    • She went to Hollywood when Lily Tomlin saw her on the New York stage in Bad Habits she asked her to be a regular on her new series The Lily Tomlin Comedy Hour the show won a lot of Emmys but wasn't picked up.

    • She mentioned in a interview that her granddaughter was born July 4, 1989.

    • In 1999, she won an American Comedy Award for Everybody Loves Raymond.

    • Dois won her first Emmy in 1983 for a guest appearance on St. Elsewhere: Cora and Arnie. Dois second came in 2001 when she won for playing Marie Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond.

  • Quotes

    • Doris: Everybody's a teacher if you listen.

    • Doris: A senator in Washington the other day said, We need you. We need that voice. Well, between working on Everybody Loves Raymond and writing a book, I have very little time.

    • Doris: Everything in life comes to an end. I've known loss. I've lost my husband, I've lost friends. When my husband died, I was devastated.

    • Doris: By the time you're 40, the kids are grown, out of the house or on their way out, and you have your whole life again.

    • Doris: We all get stoned out of our gourds.

    • Doris: We wanted to prove that age had nothing to do with it.

    • Doris: Magazines tell you you should be a size zero. Excuse me — I don't want to be a zero about anything.

    • Doris: I'm not a Southerner but, my God, my soul is, I think.

    • Doris: I'm from New York. I have a big mouth, and I hope we raise lots of money tonight and, more than that, the spirit of Mississippi because that has to happen. We have to bring it all back together again and feel it rising again.

    • Doris: I'm up against these crazy gorgeous women and look who got (the prize). This is another goodie for me.

    • Doris: There is such ageism in our country. Just because you're over 40 doesn't mean you're still not hot or exciting or talented, or whatever. Look who won!

    • Doris: Wow, this is the icing on the cake.

    • Doris: Nine wonderful years on Everybody Loves Raymond and to finish it off with this is wonderful.

    • Doris: That's a social barrier I don't think we're ready to cross. It's two different worlds. Believe me, I know the import of the relationship of one to the other. We as a society, I don't think, are ready to see a woman. It's just very hard for me to imagine that.

  • She was a funny and dramtic actress.

    The first show I remember her in was the 80's show 'Remington Steele' where she played Mildred Krebs. She was an ex-IRS agent who in the first episode she came to do in audit on the famous detective Remington Steele who had not submitted a tax return. She didn't know why he hadn't but we do it is because he didn't exist. She went on for the rest of the series to be their secretary and also a detective. I also loved her as Raymond's mother in 'Everybody Loves Raymond'. She lived across the street from her son and his wife and caused them a lot of havoc.moreless
  • Should have been a bigger star.

    Doris Roberts definently should have been a bigger star. I would love to be watching TV one day and see "The Doris Roberts Show" come on. She should have her own show. She deserves it. She was great on anything she's ever been in.

    I mainly know her from "Everybody Loves Raymond" in which she played Ray's Mother, Marie Barone. She was the best and funniest character on the show. But, I also know her from "Soap" and her guest appearances on, among others shows, "Full House", "ALF's Hit Talk Show", and "Barney Miller."

    She is very funny, talented, and an all around good, no, Great actress.moreless