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  • She was a funny and dramtic actress.

    The first show I remember her in was the 80's show 'Remington Steele' where she played Mildred Krebs. She was an ex-IRS agent who in the first episode she came to do in audit on the famous detective Remington Steele who had not submitted a tax return. She didn't know why he hadn't but we do it is because he didn't exist. She went on for the rest of the series to be their secretary and also a detective. I also loved her as Raymond's mother in 'Everybody Loves Raymond'. She lived across the street from her son and his wife and caused them a lot of havoc.
  • Should have been a bigger star.

    Doris Roberts definently should have been a bigger star. I would love to be watching TV one day and see "The Doris Roberts Show" come on. She should have her own show. She deserves it. She was great on anything she's ever been in.

    I mainly know her from "Everybody Loves Raymond" in which she played Ray's Mother, Marie Barone. She was the best and funniest character on the show. But, I also know her from "Soap" and her guest appearances on, among others shows, "Full House", "ALF's Hit Talk Show", and "Barney Miller."

    She is very funny, talented, and an all around good, no, Great actress.
  • One word funny

    Doris Roberts was so funny on Every body loves Raymond as the mother. She made stay watch for 8 seasons. All though she did other roles like Retin Steel {sorry I\'am just so bad at spelling it is my weak point.} To me she should get an new tv show for her. To me her role as Maria on Every one loves Raymond will never be forgotten.