Dorothy Malone





1/30/1925 , Chicago, Illinois

Birth Name

Dorothy Eloise Mahoney




Dorothy Malone is an American actress from Chicago, Illinois. She was born in 1925 and began acting in films when she was 23. After she was cast in a series of small roles, her agent advised her to cultivate a more glamorous appearance if she wanted to truly become a star. Malone listened, and in 1956 won the Academy Award in the Best Supporting Actress category for her appearance in "Written on the Wind." This film was a landmark project for Malone because she had transformed herself from a pretty "girl next door" to a platinum bombshell with long legs and ample curves. This appealing image, combined with her natural acting talent, helped Malone move on to more complex roles. She shared the screen with many legendary actors, including James Cagney, Rock Hudson, Robert Stack and Henry Fonda. She retired in 1992 after filming "Basic Instinct" with Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone, and now lives in Dallas, Texas.