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    • Dot: (On how she got into acting) A friend of mine in 1991 was an alternate on American Gladiators, and called me and told me about a new show they were working on called Knights and Warriors, and I drove down for the auditions. I was living in Fresno and they were here in LA. That first day was all physical agility, from rollerblading to tackling someone, stuff like that. I think there were three or four hundred people auditioning. And they said they'd call that night by 8:00 if they needed me for a cold read-and that threw me. I thought: Do we have to read in a freezer or something? And they didn't call, and I thought, Oh well, I have a full time job with the county back in Fresno. Then at 8:30, they called, and they had me come back for a cold read. I said, "What should I wear?" and they said, "Wear your best warrior outfit." I thought, Good thing I brought that from Fresno, because I just keep it in the trunk, right?
      Anyway, at that time I was working out a lot, doing some competitive power lifting, and I had some baggy workout pants and a zebra sweatshirt, so I threw something together. Two weeks later the phone rings and the woman says, "How'd you like to be a warrior?"