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  • Shark Tale Actors are corny

    Okay, I might as well just say it. This VA is talentless and cannot do a good voice to save his life. Bernie sounds very sarcastic every time he opens his mouth, but Tom kenny provided an awesome voice with great emotion. That's what Doug E. Doug was clearly missing. His voice was one of the worst in Shark Tale, but he isn't that much better in the games either. I don't care what people have to say about Jen Taylor, she was a great and very talented voice actor, same goes for Carlos Alazraqui, Tom Kenny and Wayne Knight because they all gave some charaters personality, and not just the "tone" of him. I WILL admit though that there are worse Nick actors, like Billy West(Rancid Rabbit), Jess Harnell (Joe Tabootie)and Ian James Corlett(Mr. High-Pants) but still Ziggy Marley should NOT be doing other movie from Sony Pictures Animation in the later Sony games. That's why I gave Doug a 3/10. A shame really, since the other small Shark Tale voice-Actors are bad...