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  • The worst judge on American Inventor

    When I see this guy on American Inventor, every "no" judging he makes me get angrier. It's not that he says no, it's HOW he says it. Such as in episode one. Remember that kid with the dog house cooling machine? Yeah, he was saying" Oh dude! You rock! Yeah, so smart! I can see your genius! Man you're so awesome! But when it came down to him to decide whether the kid lost or went to the next round, he voted no! He voted no on a product simply because he didn’t THINK it worked just by the looks of it. Then some people invented a series, book and doll that was African and spoke English, Mexican and Swahili. This doll was an excellent invention that could really help kids from those parts, but living in America, learn more about their culture. It could also teach children how to speak different languages. It was educational and cultural and was so brilliant and all this Doug hall guy saw was that it could speak 3 languages. He said," Yeah, just because it speaks 3 languages isn’t enough for me.". If he really looks at something so amazing and only sees that it talks, he really needs to be fired and replaced for someone who actually knows a good invention when they see it! This guy is heartless and stupid and as I said before, he needs to be replaced.