Doug Liman





7/24/1965 , New York, New York

Birth Name

Douglas Liman




Although he had been making short films since his high school years, Liman’s first full-length film was the comedy thriller `Getting In/Student Body` which he helmed while attending the graduate program at University of Southern California.

His next film `Swingers` came about after he agreed to direct screenwriter Jon Favreau and his friends as the main roles after Favreau’s failed attempts to get the film picked up by a major studio. The low budget $250,000 movie became a sleeper hit and critical success that helped jump-start the careers of both the director and the actors & actresses involved.

Liman's next film was `Go`(1999), where he also did double duty as the film's cinematographer. The tale of tracking the events of one night through three different view points received overwhelmingly positive reviews thanks to it's vivid and energetic spirit and somewhat dark subject matter. Unfortunately it's box office returns were lacklustre in comparison.

Liman's most commercial and creative success was the action thriller `The Bourne Identity` (2002), an adaption of author Robert Ludlam's potboiler about an assassin suffering from amnesia.

Liman's next film was the comedic thiller `Mr. & Mrs. Smith` (2005). The commercially successful film is about a married couple who both live secret lives as assassins, but are then hired to kill each other. The film unfortunately was better known for the off-screen romance between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the film's main stars.

Liman is currently working on `Jumper` (2007), an adaption of the popular science fiction novel by Steven Gould.